Caralluma Fimbriata Extract Reviews | Side Effects And Results

Caralluma Fimbriata is a weight loss supplement that was introduced to the weight loss community some time ago by Dr.Lindsey Duncan, one of the leading naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionists in the US now.

Currently, this diet supplement is generating a lot of attention from many weight loss enthusiasts in the US and Europe as some of the users of this supplement have come out with positive feedback about this natural supplement.

It is interesting to note here that as the obesity issues among people are growing day by day, a lot of new weight loss products are also being introduced. An obese woman dissatisfied with the diet supplement that she is using currently, instantly switches over to the new one that is introduced by Dr.Oz, Dr.Lindsey, and others.

The ‘heavyweights’ fail to realize that diet pills are only supplements to a good daily diet plan and intense workouts which are essential for shedding weight.

In this Caralluma Fimbriata review let us have a critical look at this cacti diet supplement.  The name itself is fancy and unfamiliar…. Let us see if the weight loss results with this diet pill also are complicated like other pills or convincingly effective!

What Is Caralluma Fimbriata?

Caralluma, a cactus family species, is a succulent plant commonly found in the Indian subcontinent.

It is yet another natural weight loss diet coming from India; the other popular Indian diet supplements that became very popular in recent times are Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Guarana, etc.

The tender stems of this cacti plant are edible, and it was used by Indian hunters as an appetite suppressant food until a few decades ago.

The traditional lore and stories about Indian hunters say that they would eat Caralluma stems as an appetite suppressant when they had to remain for days in the forest on prolonged hunting expeditions.

It is also said that during recurring famines in the Indian subcontinent in the early 20th century and earlier centuries, many people survived on Caralluma food.

Many of the forest tribes in India still use it occasionally as a vegetable to prepare a cooked dish garnished with salt and spices. The taste of it may not be so palatable for first-time tasters.

It is these historical facts and lore that have made the modern-day weight-loss gurus explore the weight loss potential of this cacti plant species.

The effort put in by the weight loss researchers to discover the appetite suppressant chemical of this plant was worthwhile and fruitful.

As this diet could help millions of people to survive the onslaught of famines and keep the hunters alive and energetic for days without regular food, so do it can assist the overweight people on an extreme diet to suppress their appetite and to achieve good weight loss results.

Today, Caralluma Fimbriata extracted from has become a very popular appetite suppressant diet. Dr. Lindsey Duncan calls it “Hunger Buster” and “Famine Food.”

From the above facts, you already know by now that this cacti diet is an incredible appetite suppressor.

The super-food has another excellent advantage that makes this diet ever more appealing and effective as a weight-loss supplement. It can block the enzymes that promote the storage of fat. That means the fats get burned rather than getting stored.

The Caralluma Fimbriata diet is available in powder and pill forms. It takes about 10 pounds of pure Caralluma stems (bark and thorn are excluded) to make 1 pound of this powder.

How Does It Work?

Caralluma Fimbriata For Weight Loss

How Does Caralluma Fimbriata Extract Diet Work?

The biggest problem faced by most obese people is the inability to stay without eating when they are driven by appetite and craving.

I know some of my friends who feel hungry frequently. Just 30 to 40 minutes after a heavy meal they crave to eat more.

The number one reason for obesity is perhaps the constant craving for food, especially sweets and a high-calorie diet. Many are food addicts; they like to have certain types of food as often as possible.

It is easy to nip these cravings at the bud by just having 500 milligrams of Caralluma Fimbriata taken twice a day. This supplement is an excellent ghrelin inhibitor.

The Fimbriata chemicals contained in this diet supplement suppress the appetite.  This extract inhibits the craving for food and creates a kind of temporary dislike for the food.

The key phytochemical constituents of the herb are Pregnane Glycosides, Flavone Glycosides, megastigmane glycosides, and saponins. Due to the lack of extensive scientific research, it is not fully known as the exact chemical that helps in the suppression of appetite.

This supplement also blocks the enzymes that increase fat storage in the body cell. On the other hand, Caralluma enhances and aids the functioning of fat burning and digestive enzymes like L-Carnitine, Lipase, and Co-Enzyme Q10.

Scientific Evidence

What Do The Studies And Researches Say About Caralluma?

The studies conducted on Caralluma Fimbriata have given positive results on the effectiveness of this diet supplement.

In the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, a study report on this diet supplement was published recently. The 43 overweight individuals participated in this double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial.

All the subjects were adults between the ages of 29 to 59; half of the group was given a Caralluma diet, and the rest were given placebo diets for 12 weeks. The first group was given 500 milligrams of Caralluma Fimbriata capsules twice a day.

All of them followed a moderate diet and exercise during the trial period. The diet and exercises were monitored and identical to limit the influence of the other external factors that would affect the results of the study.

The Caralluma Fimbriata results were amazing at the end of 12 weeks of study. Both groups lost weight. However, the former group showed exceedingly significant weight loss results in comparison to the placebo group.

The results report from this study could be summarized as follows:

  • The Caralluma group achieved a significant reduction in belly fat and a decrease in waist measurement accordingly.
  • It was noted that up to 3 inches of reduction in waist measurements in the Caralluma group compared to the average 1-inch reduction shown by the placebo group.
  • The correction of the waist and hip ratio proportion significantly improved in the Fimbriata group
  • The participants in the Caralluma group experienced natural appetite suppression and energy boost

The study results concluded that Caralluma Fimbriata when used in conjunction with controlled dietary intake and regular exercises, can produce substantial weight loss results.

Most importantly the study proved that Caralluma extract has the inherent ability to naturally suppress appetite and craving for food.

One of the main points to be noted from the study and other similar studies on other weight loss supplements is the prerequisite conditions required for the dietary supplements to work. A diet supplement like Caralluma Fimbriata produces satisfactory results only when they are used in conjunction with a controlled diet and regular workouts.

Another positive health benefit of this cacti diet is the ability to boost endurance and stamina. This aspect of this diet is noticed from the physical endurance capacity of certain forest tribe’s men who use this as a vegetable dish on their menu. They could remain energetic throughout the day without needing other food to be taken.

Study Results On Caralluma Fimbriata

The local tribe’s people in India, who use this cacti plant as food, believe that the Caralluma food has the power to recuperate the body very quickly from exhaustion and tiredness.

Some of them prefer to eat it in raw form especially when they are in the field or the moors for hunting. As this is a succulent verity of plant species, it also helps in quenching thirst as well as taking care of the pangs of hunger.

Here we are mostly concerned with the appetite suppressant quality of the Caralluma as we do not have to use it in the way the many tribesmen in India use it as food.

Below given are some of the major benefits that are expected to be achievable with this supplement:

  • Suitable for naturally suppressing appetite,
  • It helps in faster burning of stored fat,
  • It blocks the enzyme that helps in the storage of fat in the body cells,
  • This supplement also burns away the fat in muscle tissues that lead to the development of lean and healthy muscle mass,
  • This supplement works well for reducing belly fat by preventing the storage of fat,
  • It boosts energy and stamina in the person by maximizing energy production from the stored fats in the body cells,
  • Reduces body weight through the reduction of body fat mass and also helps in maintaining the body weight by not allowing further fat storage in the body cells.

All of these results from the Caralluma Fimbriata supplement is proven to happen as these effects were noticed in the trial studies conducted on this diet supplement.

Other health benefits of this diet supplement are not fully discovered due to a lack of scientific studies and extensive research on this dietary supplement.

Most of the results and benefits expected from this cacti diet are based on assumptions formed by observational results found in the health and physical wellness of certain natives of India, who use this as a vegetable dish or ready-to-eat raw food.

For most people, weight loss results can be easily achieved if the recurrent appetite feelings are suppressed. This supplement can provide a solution to this major issue in weight loss management by suppressing the appetite.

Side Effects

What are the possible side effects of the Caralluma Fimbriata diet?

It is important to take note of the adverse effects of any diet pill before you decide to try it. In the past, there were several cases where the FDA had to prohibit or restrict the sale and usage of certain weight loss pills as many complaints of adverse effects began to surface.

As regards the health safety of Caralluma Fimbriata, there are hardly any verified side effects that have come to the forefront until now. None of the many users have reported any Caralluma Fimbriata side effects so far.

One of the best positive assurances we can have on the health safety of this diet supplement is its long history of usage. This cacti plant has been used as food for hundreds of years by certain forest tribes of India with no adverse effects on health.

However, every diet pill can cause some initial irritations and discomfort in some individuals. Some people’s body mechanism quickly reacts to any substance till it gets adjusted into the system.  Some of the possible side effects of Caralluma Fimbriata could be as the following:

As a precaution and normal medical health practices, like the other diet pills, this supplement too is not advisable for a pregnant woman, breastfeeding mothers, children below the age of 14, and patients undergoing other regular medication.

Slimaluma, another patented product from Caralluma was clinically tested and has gone through all essential health safety standards with no possible side effects of serious nature identified.

Some of the Indian herbal medicines have also been effectively using Caralluma Fimbriata extract for years with NO health safety issues so far.

Where To Buy Caralluma Fimbriata?

Do you need to buy a Caralluma diet supplement?

You should start with healthy weight loss diets and exercises before you even think of buying diet pills. Avoid all diet pills if you can.

If you still intend to buy Caralluma diet supplements, then there are many online sellers out there. Beware of the diet pill scams. Be mindful of the several blacklisted infamous companies that sell fake diet pills online.

The average cost to buy good quality Caralluma supplements is in the range of $39-$49 for 30 days requirement.

Do not subscribe to any “Free Trial Offers”, as they are mostly scams and, later on, you will end up paying more than what you are supposed to.

I am not recommending any special diet pill brands as I have not used any of them personally.

Should You Use Weight Loss Supplements?

We, the Authority Health Magazine team, do not recommend popping up diet pills for weight loss.

It is true that every obese person ‘secretly’ dreams of a ‘magical pill’ that can quickly help them vanish the excess body fat within a couple of days.

“What I hear most from my clients is that they want something easy, a quick fix. They all want that magic pill—but there isn’t one,” says Dee Sandquist, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association based in Portland, Ore.

Unfortunately, frustrated, overweight individuals easily fall prey to alluring promises of the diet supplements with the hundreds of pills, creams, patches, and other products out there claiming to offer a slimmer, leaner body in a bottle of colorful capsules.

Natural weight loss supplements like Caralluma extracts may help you lose weight to some extent, but you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet habits to stay fit and healthy.  Here is a pictorial guideline for achieving healthy body weight:

Best Tips For Natural Weight Loss

The Bottom Line

It may be worth trying Caralluma Fimbriata extracts weight loss diet. But you should know that no diet pills work if you do not support it with a healthy diet plan and a minimum amount of daily workouts.

The scientific researches and studies conducted on this diet supplement are limited, and the quality of weight loss achieved through this cacti diet is unknown.

The whole Caralluma Fimbriata, as it is used by a certain native of India, may have proved to be good for appetite-suppressing and energy-boosting. But this does not assure us that a small amount of Caralluma extract in the 500mg capsule will work effectively in the same manner.

There is a need for extensive research and further scientific studies on this diet supplement to exploit its fullest potential.

Lastly, it is NOT a miracle diet pill, for no diet supplement works without adjusting your diet and engaging yourself insufficient physical exercises.