Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work? Must Read Reviews

Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the favorite natural weight loss supplements for thousands.

It is adjudged to be one of the most popular slimming solutions for a few years.

Obesity is a worrying issue that tortures many persons physically and mentally.

Most of the weight loss plans deprive one of enjoying delicious food and compels the obese individuals to do strenuous and tiring physical exercises.

So it is natural for an obese person to take recourse to natural supplements to lose weight without all those hardships.

Some time ago I watched a video on pure Green Coffee Bean Extract users’ testimonial that was recommending this to be an excellent weight loss supplement. I am not vouching for this supplement as I do not have personal experience with it.

A lot of good things are being discussed about this weight loss supplement. Perhaps the ‘coffee’ element is what makes this supplement very fascinating to most of us.

This supplement achieved its fame when it was introduced into the weight loss arena by Dr.Oz back in 2012. I am sure that you already know that Dr. Oz is one of the best-known American TV Doctor and health gurus.

In this article, we are going to take a detailed review on Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement…let us find out…does it work as promised…or is it another weight loss scam?

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

It simply means, the extract obtained from unroasted coffee.

I am sure that all of us know how the coffee beans look before it is roasted and powdered for the use of coffee drinkers.  Roasted coffee looks dark brown.

Coffee is a very rich antioxidant, and it has a few other pharmacologically important ingredients in it; Caffeine and Chlorogenic acid are the most well-known among them.

The most important weight loss ingredient in Green Coffee is Chlorogenic Acid. This acid is proved to have several weight-loss qualities.

Chlorogenic acid is abundantly found in the unroasted form of coffee.  This ingredient is not found in roasted coffee as heating and drying destroy it.

So, it is clear that the regular brown coffee, we use for drinking, does not have a weight loss ingredient in it.

It is Chlorogenic Acid, which can be easily extracted from Green Coffee beans, is the magical weight loss supplement ingredient that works efficiently.


How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

There are two ingredients in Green Coffee Beans that help in weight loss.

The caffeine that is got from the green coffee bean is good for boosting healthy metabolism.

It is scientifically proved and tested that caffeine boosts the healthiness of the metabolism up to 15% from the normal.

The ‘Chlorogenic Acid’ from Green Coffee Beans is the main weight loss ingredient that fights obesity.

Several studies carried out on animals and humans have shown that this acid inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract.  This particular activity also lowers the level of insulin spikes and blood sugar.

It simply means to say that even if you eat lots of carb-rich diets, it is not going to be fully absorbed by the digestive tract because of Chlorogenic Acid.

The studies conducted on rats pointed out that Chlorogenic Acid greatly prevented fat absorption from the food.  It stopped fat storage in the liver, and it promoted the production of the fat-burning hormone called Adiponectin.

Good cholesterol and triglyceride levels in rats were highly improved as they were administered with Green Coffee Bean Extract for 3 to 12 weeks.

It is clear from these study results that Green coffee bean extract certainly can help in weight loss.

Scientific Evidence

What do human studies say about weight loss results?

There have been several human studies on Green Coffee Bean Extract to test the effectiveness of this supplement in weight loss. Let us have a look at one or two of these study results.

One study was conducted on two groups of people consisting of 30 obese people in all, and it was carried out throughout 12 weeks.

One of the groups was on normal coffee, and the others were on a 200 mg. Green Coffee Bean extract diet, with no difference in their food and exercise habits.

It was very great to note that the group that was on Green Coffee Bean Extract supplement lost an average of 12 pounds while the other group on normal coffee lost only 3.7pounds.

Another significant development was the reduction of body fat by 3.6% in the former group compared to 0.7% in the latter group.

Other studies showed great weight loss results with persons who took pure Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement.

Of course, the result could have been aided by certain particular conditions and born out of industry-backed research.

However, we cannot deny the effectiveness of Chlorogenic Acid in weight loss. It works great…

None of the studies conducted disapproved of the positive weight loss results. The biggest support for the effectiveness of the GNC is the results testified by several users of this supplement from all over the world.

Health Benefits

Let’s now look into the expected health benefits of green coffee bean extract.

The studies on GNC (Chlorogenic Acid Extract from Green Coffee Beans) have shown how this supplement can inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and glucose.

It is a very positive effect on controlling diabetes issues and body weight management.

Another excellent effect of the green coffee bean extract is the antioxidants contained in it. It purifies the blood and boosts healthy metabolism.

As this supplement helps to promote the good cholesterols in the blood; it will certainly improve the health of the heart.

This fat burner also has other added health benefits. One of the studies has exclusively identified that persons who took this pill for two weeks or more experienced a substantial decrease in high blood pressure and hypertension.

Coffee bean extract can suppress the craving for sweets. It was found that women who started to use this pill soon experienced a decrease in craving for chocolates and sweets.

Several other studies also have reported the effectiveness of coffee extract in relieving tension and bringing down the blood pressure to the optimum levels. People who consume about 500mg of green coffee extract regularly have been shown to lower blood pressure.

Side Effects

Are there any side effects of green coffee beans?

As far as the side effects factor is concerned, this supplement is 100% natural with hardly any chance of negative implications on health.

According to several pieces of research and going by the feedback given by the regular users, this supplement is SAFE. None of the clinical research has reported any verified side effects with the prescribed dosage.

However, there is a possibility of minor side effects concerning particular health situations of each user.

In some cases, at the initial stages, few individuals may experience a little bit of uneasiness in the stomach or a mild headache.

People who are extra sensitive to caffeine in the past need to be cautious with this supplement. It has been found that a lot of caffeine can cause anxiety, irritation, and sleeplessness in some individuals.

For a woman who suffers from bleeding the caffeine present in this pill might aggravate the issue further.

If you are a chronic diabetes patient, it is better to stay away from coffee bean extract. The caffeine contained in coffee may worsen the sugar processing disorders in those who have diabetes which may lead to a sudden rise or fall in sugar levels.

Of course, the amount of caffeine found in this supplement is much less than that found in regular coffee drinks.

People with high sensitivity to acid may face some issues with Chlorogenic acid which may lead to diarrhea and allergic reactions.

A high dosage of green coffee bean extract pills may lead to an excess amount of chlorogenic acid supply in a short period. It may eventually raise the levels of plasma homocysteine which is associated with heart ailments.

Like every other weight loss pill, this pill too may not be suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. There is no confirmed reason why they should not have it, yet it is safe to avoid this pill as a precaution.

There are no proven side effects from any regular users so far. So, there is nothing to be afraid of in this supplement. Some irritations may be a coincidence and by chance.

Best Usage: It is said that about 500mg dosage is best for optimum weight loss results with no side effects. It is recommended to consume this supplement 30 minutes before meals and two times a day.

Garcinia Cambogia Vs. Green Coffee Bean

There are some similarities in both Garcinia Cambogia extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract. Both help in improving metabolism, inhibition of fat absorption, creating healthy levels of good cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Garcinia Cambogia, in addition, increases the serotonin levels in the brain, which acts as an excellent agent suppressing the appetite naturally. It also promotes a better mood and steadiness.

Both supplements are effective in helping you lose weight naturally. The choice is up to you to decide which one you would like to go with.

What Do The Users Say?

One of the good things about this pill appreciated by all users is the ease and convenience of using it. Unlike the other supplements, it is possible to achieve satisfactory results without much of those usual strenuous regimens to be followed up.

Being an extract from the coffee, there is hardly anyone who will find discomfort with this pill. Most of the users have reported this diet pill to be pleasant and palatable.

A majority of the users experienced higher levels of energy release after using this pill, unlike some other diet pills that make a person feel drowsy and uneasy.

Finally, I have to caution you that the result from many of these natural weight loss supplements greatly depends on the purity and quality of the products you choose to select.

Beware that the popularity of a product grows; several cheap and fake products appear to take advantage of the enormous demand.

I hope this review on Green Coffee Bean Extract has given you some insight into its effectiveness for weight loss.  None of these weight loss supplements can provide you with desired weight loss results without managing a healthy weight loss diet combined with regular workouts.