9 Legitimate Reasons For Obesity – Bad Foods And Lifestyles

People all over the world are reporting more and more issues related to obesity.

It is estimated that over a million people in the world die every year because of diseases arising from obesity.

Some of the most prominent killer diseases arising out of obesity are dementia, stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and many more.

Most people have the notion that obesity has something to do with self-control and willpower.  In other words, one should reign in one’s food habits to manage body weight.

This notion is not always true in every case of obesity.

Some individuals may become obese because of erratic eating behavior.  The common understanding is that if we eat more than what our body requires, then obesity is sure to happen.  So, the easy solution to obesity is to eat less and do more exercise.

It is well said than practically done.

9 Evident Reasons for Obesity

The complexity of human behavior does not allow one to follow many of these weight loss DOs and DON’Ts.  Our eating behavior is very much designed by biological factors, hormones, neural circuits, and living circumstances. The urge to eat is purely a biological process.

Psychologists say that strong willpower is required to overcome our erratic behavior. But the problem is our inability to develop “strong willpower”.

Even the person with the strongest willpower also can falter when they are encountering continuous tendencies of temptation from internal and external signals.

Many of our best intentions and determinations can be defeated by strong temptations and an inner urge to gorge on delicious food.  So it is not always easy to give up your favorite food and do painful exercises to lose weight.

Besides food habits, several other reasons give rise to obesity problems in a person. Let us briefly examine some of the major reasons for obesity here.

Reasons For Obesity

1. Biological And Genetic Reasons For Weight Gain

Several studies and researches on obesity have shown that children of obese parents are more likely to face obesity issues in their life as well.

Changes in food habits and lifestyles can alter the genes to a

great extent.  A person migrating from underdeveloped county areas to the industrialized city may also take up the food habits of the city people, and that may lead to obesity issues in that person.

It is found, people from African and Asian continents, who took up the western diet quickly became more obese than otherwise. We are here trying to say, sometimes individuals coming from less obese family backgrounds can also become obese through a change in food habits.

The children of obese parents are more susceptible to obesity, but even others can also become obese with popular junk food in western food culture.

Hereditary factors play vital importance in low resting metabolic rates that determine the body shape and size of a person. Another prominent hereditary influence on an individual is the high repertory quotient (RQ) which is results in low-fat oxidation and lesser burning of fat. Many people become clumsy and have low spontaneous physical activity under substantial genetic influence.

Besides these, macro-environmental influences are an important reason that may make a person obese. There are small social and ethnic groups of people who have the customary practices of regular social facilitation. Most of these regular social get-togethers lead to overeating and drinking.

2. Junk Foods Engineered With Added Flavor And Additives Promotes Obesity

Another biggest cause for modern obesity issues is junk foods that are artificially flavored with a bunch of unhealthy chemicals.

Junk food also contains preservatives that keep the food fresh for months and additive tastemakers. This kind of food with artificial flavor is designed to keep an urge in the person to eat more of the same again and again.

This artificially created food has chemical food additives in it which make one “hooked” to this item for a long time.

3. Advertisement Temptation Leading Unhealthy Eating

Several people, especially women, and children, easily become victims of aggressive marketing and advertisement to adopt a certain junk food as best for health and taste.

Aggressive advertisements lure customers to become perpetually addicted to some junk foods forever.

Some people eat a lot of unhealthy foods because of the misleading claims propagated by the company that is promoting the product.

Many of the children who are addicted to these junk foods become obese at a very young age itself. Some of the parents also begin to consume junk foods that are liked by their children.

4. Carb Rich Food Causes Obesity Issues

Insulin is an essential hormone in the body that manages the energy conversion and storage process besides several other functions.

It is the insulin hormone that prompts the fat cells to store the fat and maintain the storage.

But unhealthy foods can damage the healthy functioning of the insulin hormone. Some individuals develop insulin résistance that leads to high insulin levels and this condition makes the fat cells store energy without making it available for use.

Irregularity in insulin functioning is a major cause of obesity. Food that contains a lot of carbohydrates is the devil that increases the levels of insulin in the blood.

So, one must be conscious of taking the minimum amount of carbohydrate-rich food to keep the insulin count healthy.

It is good to follow the low-carb diet plan to maintain healthy insulin functioning in the body.

5. Unhealthy Medication Leads To Obesity

Side effects of some of the pharmaceutical drugs and medication procedures lead to excessive weight gain.

For instance, some diabetes medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc. increase body weight in most cases.  Some of these drugs have a direct influence on the body’s hormones and brain. They also create digestive disorders and metabolism to promote unwanted weight gain.

6. Role Of Leptin Hormone On Obesity

Obesity issues can be caused by ill-healthy functioning Leptin hormone.

It is the Leptin hormone that informs the hypothalamus about the satiation level of food intake.  In other words, it is helping us to control our eating when hunger is satiated.

When the Leptin hormone does not function healthily, people continue to overeat, and that will eventually lead to obesity.

7. Excess Availability Of Food Leads To Obesity

Today in most houses, especially in the cities, have fully stacked refrigerators and kitchens with an excess amount of food verities.

Just seeing a lot of junk and ready-to-eat foods readily available makes one eat even more and more even when without the feeling of hunger. Some begin to eat just for the pleasure of lingering taste.

Junk food packets are easily and readily even when we step out of our homes as well. It promotes unwanted eating which is a major reason for most obesity issues.

8. Uncontrolled Consumption Of Added Sugar Foods

The most crucial agent for weight gain is the excess intake of food with added sugar.  Excess sugar intake gradually and steadily damages the hormones and biochemistry of the body that balances with body weight.

Added sugar mostly contains fructose and glucose; usually about 50% of both.

It is a proven fact that fructose is a big threat to the healthy functioning of insulin in the body.  It causes résistance to leptin and insulin which finally leads to massive fat storage and obesity. Avoid sugar-rich foods like wheat and added sugar items to control obesity issues at the beginning itself.

9. Lack Of Awareness And Unethical Business Practices Leads To Obesity

Most people become obese because they are unaware of healthy nutrition and diet.

Many people are least worried about the consequences of bad diets until they begin to encounter serious health issues arising out of obesity.

Most of the food manufacturing and selling companies are purely profit-motivated and thus hide and conceal the ill effects of those junk foods on the users’ health.

Some of the companies even go one step further to influence the food scientists working with major health organizations to cover up the actual negative impacts of some of the junk foods they manufacture.[10]

Some of the world bodies and organizations working for ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical drugs are bribed and influenced by profit-motivated drug manufacturing companies.

Even the government norms and regulations, by and large, are protecting the interests of the food and drug manufacturers.

As a result, most of the customers are unaware of the ill effects of the tasty food that they consume daily.  Some of them realize the mistake only when they are in the advanced stages of obesity.

Take-Home Points

It is easy to start losing weight easily with well-crafted weight loss plans.

The best way to fight obesity is by making yourself aware of the bad food habits that will lead to obesity.

If you are already obese, you could think of following diet plans with healthy foods to shed your weight naturally.

Each one must learn to exercise willful and forceful control over their urge to eat food thoughtlessly. The realization that the health of the body is more important than the taste of food will help many to avoid obesity issues.

It is in the individual capacity and wishful efforts to eat always only healthy food that will keep the individual free from obesity.  You should make the necessary lifestyle changes rather than allowing the unpleasant obesity problems to take control of you.

It is often an individual’s irresponsibility towards one’s health that leads to obesity and excessive weight gain.  If you are perennially looking only for the palatable pleasure of junk foods, then you are doomed to face the unwanted health hazards in life sooner than you expect.

The fact is that the way our foods and society have been engineered are all important factors that must be fixed if we are to reverse this problem on a global scale.

The idea that it is all caused by a lack of willpower is exactly what the food companies want us to believe so that they can continue their unethical marketing in peace.

Educate yourself on healthy nutrition and diet to get rid of obesity. Adopt a healthy lifestyle before it is too late.

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