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Here is the review of the Iaso Tea that you are looking for.

Can Iaso diet tea make you lose 5 pounds in 5 days? Is this herbal tea better than traditional green tea for weight loss?

In this review, you are going to read about the ingredients, health benefits, user feedback, and side effects of this weight loss tea.

Currently, the weight loss market segment is flooded with numerous types of diet pills and herbal supplements that promise fast weight loss results.

This herbal supplement is one such product that has found great popularity among weight loss enthusiasts.

Herbal diet teas are made of a mixture of herbal ingredients that are known to cleanse, boost metabolism, and increase fat burning.

What Is Iaso Detox Tea?

Iaso Tea is a herbal detoxification drink synthesized and marketed by Total Life Changes (TLC) in the Netherlands.

It comes in different versions, like original, instant, slim, and fruit punch. Each version has a few differences in ingredients, flavor, and expected health benefits.

It’s a dietary supplement that contains nine herbal ingredients that work in synergy with each other to detox and improve the metabolic activities of the body.

This herbal solution is expected to cleanse the digestive system by ridding itself of parasites, worms, toxins, and inflammation on the walls of the digestive tract.

According to TLC, colon cleansing drastically improves the healthy functioning of the digestive tract, which results in better absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

Iaso herbal tea supports the healthy functioning of the liver, kidney, and digestive enzymes.

The blend of medicinal herbs in this tea is specially formulated to help with herbal slimming and natural intestinal cleansing.

It’s promoted as a weight loss product that provides sustained wellness.

Iaso Instant Tea provides the additional benefits of soluble fiber and portability.

According to the claims made by TLC, the herbal tea blend is designed to reduce body weight within a few days of regularly drinking the tea.

Iaso Tea Ingredients

The powerful herbal ingredients in Iaso tea original and Iaso instant tea are blended in the right proportion to produce maximum benefit.

The nine base ingredients in this herbal supplement  are the following:

1. Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle (Cnicus Benedictus) is traditionally used as an herbal drink to combat loss of appetite and indigestion.

It has been used as a diuretic to increase urine output.

In traditional medicines, blessed thistle is used for treating diarrhea, coughs, flu, infections, boils, wounds, and other conditions.

2. Papaya

Papaya (Carica papaya) fruit and leaves are known for their several health benefits and healing power.

Papaya leaf tea is a folk medicine that has been used for centuries in Central America and Mexico. It is used to treat many ailments.

According to a recent study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine (APJTB), fresh C. papaya leaf extract significantly increased the platelet and RBC counts in the test group as compared to controls.

Papaya fruit and leaf extract have a wide variety of properties, including anticancer, antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, nephroprotective, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, and hypolipidemic effects.

Papaya leaf extract contained in Iaso tea helps the healing of gastric ulcers. It may also aid in reducing hydrogen peroxide (a marker for oxidative damage).

3. Myrrh

Myrrh is a resin that comes from trees belonging to the genus Commiphora – which grows in the Middle East and North Africa.

Some of the traditional medicines make use of myrrh for treating asthma, cough, indigestion, sore throat, ulcers, congestion, hemorrhoids, joint pain, and skin rejuvenation.

It has therapeutic properties such as being antimicrobial, astringent, expectorant, and stimulant.

According to one of the recent studies published by Oncology Letters, oils obtained from two species, myrrh and frankincense, have anticancer benefits.

4. Malva Leaves

Iaso tea contains Malva leaf extract intended for improving digestive health.

The health benefits of Malva sylvestris include healing wounds, anti-aging, protection against infection, reducing inflammation, improving respiratory health, improving digestive functions, relieving headaches, and improving sleep.

5. Persimmon Leaves

The persimmon leaf extract contained in this herbal tea is beneficial for preventing or removing constipation. It’s a natural laxative. The laxative effects of this herb help to empty your upper and lower intestines. They are typically used to treat constipation.

It is also an excellent natural remedy for dealing with health issues such as high blood pressure, fluid retention, hiccoughs, and stroke.

Persimmon leaf extract also provides the body with some amounts of useful flavonoids, vitamin C, amino acids, choline carotenoids, rutin, and tannins.

6. Marshmallow

Marshmallow leaf and root extracts are a very effective natural remedy for treating many common diseases.

It is used for reducing pain and swelling of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract.

Folklore medicines make use of Marshmallow extract for treating urinary tract inflammations, stones in the urinary tract, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and constipation.

7. Chamomile

Roman chamomile extract infused in Iaso tea is excellent for treating an upset stomach, stomach cramps, sleeping problems, or menstrual pain.

According to a study published by Molecular Medicine Reports, chamomile tea can improve cardiovascular conditions, stimulate the immune system, and provide some protection against cancer.

8. Ginger

Iaso slimming tea contains ginger extract, which helps in reducing stomach cramps and improving digestion. It also gives the tea a nice, spicy taste.

Regular intake of a small quantity of ginger promotes fat loss and helps a person feel satiated faster, which in turn reduces food consumption.

The latest evidence from studies indicates that ginger helps with weight management and improves gastrointestinal health. It has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

9. Holy Thistle

Holy thistle extract in Iaso herbal detox helps to cleanse the system by working as a diuretic.

A flavonoid called Silymarin present in holy thistle is a powerful antioxidant that can fight inflammation and remove harmful toxins.

Holy thistle is also used for stomach and digestive problems. It also helps purify and improve the circulation of blood.

Claimed Benefits Behind Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea Reviews

TLC claims that regularly drinking Iaso tea products is expected to cause weight loss and detoxification.

Detoxifying the system helps to improve the healthy functioning of the digestive system.

Iaso herbal drink contains 9 powerful natural ingredients with proven therapeutic power and many health benefits.

The combined effect of all the ingredients in the tea help with weight loss and can have several other positive impacts on health. The manufacturer’s claims Iaso tea health benefits include:

  • Detoxify the colon and digestive tract,
  • Eliminate parasites,
  • Remove constipation,
  • Improve digestion,
  • Boost metabolism,
  • Maintains healthy weight,
  • Detoxify liver,
  • Promote alkalinity.
  • Boost energy,
  • Expel nicotine,
  • Clears chemical drugs residues,
  • Relieve allergies and hay fever.

How to Use?

For best results, TLC recommends taking 8 ounces of “Iaso Tea Original” twice daily.

If the claims of the manufacturer are true, continuing with this diet tea in the prescribed amount can make you lose up to 5 pounds in a week.

Every single package of Iaso tea comes with two bags of tea meant for two servings (2×8 oz).

However, you can decide how and when to drink the tea; you can divide the two servings (16 oz.) four times a day (4×4 Oz).

To prepare the tea, boil four cups of water, immerse the two Iaso tea bags in the boiling water, and leave it for two hours.

Let the tea extracts gradually dilute into the water and slowly become cold as well.

After an hour, remove the tea bags from the container and drink the tea as required.

Refrigerate the tea and drink as and when you feel like it. If you like to drink it warm, you can reheat the tea in a pan, but never in a microwave.

Does Iaso Tea Work?

“Does Iaso tea work?” is the most important question that many do inquire about.

Some of the taglines advertising the tea have catchy captions like ‘fat now skinny’ and “overweight now sexy.” You can also find several pictures of Iaso tea before and after weight loss results.

Actually, it’s not a weight loss tea but a detox supplement. However, some of the ingredients and effects of bowel cleansing may promote fat burning and slimming.

Overall, the individual ingredients in it are excellent for detoxing and improving digestive health.

Many customer reviews suggest that it made them go to the bathroom more often the next day.

A healthy digestive system improves the absorption of nutrients and the metabolic activities necessary for increased fat-burning and weight loss.

Iaso tea might produce a significant amount of weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Few say that they have lost weight but many did not lose any weight with it. However, like all the other weight loss supplements, this detox product too cannot give lasting weight loss results.

Much of the weight loss results achieved from such products are temporary, and quickly you regain weight once you stop using the product.

More than weight loss results, the chief benefit you can achieve from Iaso tea is the excellent detoxing of the digestive system.

Using Iaso tea for weight loss may be productive for some people, depending on their healthy diet and lifestyle habits.

Like every other herbal slimming tea, this product is expected to provide a totally holistic approach to healthcare and weight loss.

Pros And Cons

Let us have a brief look at the pros and cons of this herbal tea:


  • Made of natural herbal extracts with powerful therapeutic properties,
  • Detoxifies the system,
  • Improves the health of the digestive system,
  • Boosts overall health,
  • Iaso tea tastes good,
  • Cures common stomach ailments,
  • It is highly versatile; you can even use the leaves in your salads or cooking afterward,
  • TLC is a trusted brand name that marks quality products.


  • Comparatively expensive than most tea-based products,
  • The detox process initiated by this herbal tea can produce some side effects,
  • Weight loss results from it are temporary,
  • The effectiveness of ingredients lacks clinical evidence,
  • Weight loss results from body detox are temporary and minimal,
  • Daily and long-term usage are required for satisfactory results.

Iaso Tea Side Effects

Detoxing the digestive system can produce some sort of side effect.

But getting rid of harmful toxins from the system is worth more than a few likely side effects.

Most of the colon cleansing programs may produce Herxheimer’s reaction in some people.

Sudden detoxifying of the system induced by the herbs might overburden the kidney and liver to function more than usual.

As the body detoxifies, some people might experience flu-like symptoms including muscle pain, headaches, joint pain, sore throat, sweating, general malaise, nausea, chills, or other symptoms.

Iaso tea side effects can occur to some people like the other colon cleansing solutions.

Some adverse effects of Iaso tea reported to be experienced by some people include loose stools, frequent urination, gas and bloating, nausea, and headache.


As we come to the end of this Iaso tea review, here are our final words on this product.

The powerful herbal ingredients contained in Iaso tea are truly great for cleansing the digestive system and flushing out toxic waste from the body.

However, the weight loss results from this tea may not be as great as it promises to be. Initially, losing 5 pounds in 5 days may be possible, but it is not a sustainable weight loss result for a long period.

Customers’ feedbacks and ratings of this product are about 3.5 on a scale of 5 on popular online stores like Amazon and eBay.

This product could be fine for people who are looking forward to the natural detoxification of the digestive system.

The herbal ingredients in this product might also help you overcome some of the common ailments affecting the digestive system. Iaso tea could also help you improve your overall health and stamina.

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