The Story Of Jesse Who Lost 400 Pounds Weight

Obesity has become the most widespread and life-threatening epidemic that has caught up with millions of people around the globe. An estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic

Maintaining healthy diets, exercising regularly, and following a healthy lifestyle are the keys to losing weight and healthy living. Sadly, many people turn obese because they don’t care to follow these basic principles of healthy living.

Ironically, the foods that taste great are often the worst foods for health. An insatiable craving for food and sedentary life is the worst enemy of health.

Here is an amazing weight loss success story of a young man.

Jesse Shand, a young guy, loved to be online all day long and cyber-bully people. Trolling people online was his mental obsession and pleasure that allowed him to forget about his own physical shortcomings. And the only other thing he loved was gorging on food. Exercising or even moving out of his room was not his interest. Within a couple of years, he had put up over 500 pounds of excess fat in his body. One day while he was trolling people online, a teasing comment made by one of his online friends struck him like a bolt from the sky, and that was the turning point in his life. Here is the video that tells the real-life story of Jesse. (Video Courtesy: Barcroft TV @YouTube)

 It is just unbelievable the physical transformation that Jesse has achieved. He is truly inspiring for millions of people across the world who struggle to lose weight.

Today, Jesse is a happier man, and he is all set to live a meaningful life.

Key Points Of His Weight Loss Journey

  • Jesse’s Physical indiscipline and irresistible addiction to trolling made him extremely obese and sick
  • His friends trolled him for being horribly fat, and some of them challenged him to lose weight
  • He took up the challenge and went through grueling sessions of weight loss regimen for months
  • He has lost 400 pounds already
  • He has still more weight to lose to reach his ultimate goal
  • The biggest challenge before him now is losing the 40 pounds of loose skin hanging on his body; he needs to undergo an expensive and risky process of skin removal surgery.
  • He has now totally quit online troll and going for a regular job

The Bottom Line

Most people become obese because of total negligence to healthy diets and physical exercise. Others become obese due to genetic disorders or diseases; a bad predicament of life that one can’t help.

Jesse’s story teaches us two lessons; an unhealthy lifestyle leads to obesity and losing weight is possible with sheer determination and continuous struggles.