Not Losing Weight – 10 Personal Reasons Preventing Weigh Loss

Not losing weight! Are you a person who really struggles with your weight loss plan?

Like many others out there, you also want to lose weight, but you are not able to achieve your weight loss goal. You have tried many things in the past to shed the extra pounds, but you have miserably failed.

It is NOT possible to achieve the best weight loss results just by doing a few workouts in the gym or eliminating certain foods.

You will begin to lose weight only when you remove all the mental and physical stumbling blocks that actually prevent you from shedding the extra pounds.

In this article, you can read some of the major mental and physical hindrances that should be removed to shed weight successfully.

10 Reasons For Not Losing Weight

I don’t think there is one reason. You may be confronting at least a couple of reasons for not losing weight.

Many fail to distinguish between hunger and cravings while they try hard to lose weight.

There may be also a few other personal health conditions that make you not burn fats.

Here are 10 reasons or negative weight loss mindsets that make you fail in your weight loss mission.

Major Reasons For Weight Loss Failure

1. Your Weight Loss Goals Are Unrealistic

If you are thinking of losing 15 pounds in 2 weeks, you might miserably fail to achieve your goal.

Just know that it has taken several months or a year to gain weight. Same way, if you want to lose weight naturally and in a healthy way, it will take months or even a year of consistent effort.

Most people fail to shed weight as they do not have the patience and perseverance to continue with their weight loss plan. Many quit the diet plan as they do not see fast results.

2. You Are Over Dependent On Weight Loss Supplements And Pills

Every overweight person likes to lose weight but would not like to follow strict diet plans and workouts. They are just looking for fancy pills and supplements that can make them shed weight without dieting and workouts.

If you are over-dependent on fat-burning supplements, you may never succeed to shed the extra pounds of weight you want to lose.

Remember, supplements are only an additional boost to diet and workouts for losing weight.

3. You Lack Persistence In Following Your Plan

Many feel it is too hard to lose weight as they are unable to stick to the diet plan and workout schedules. Some of them give up as they find it hard to keep up with the weight loss regimen because of their busy life schedule.

You may be one among the many people who have tried hard to lose weight but gave up the plan after a few days or weeks.

Your past failures in shedding weight have made you convinced that you will never succeed again.

You just need to have a “never give up” attitude and meticulously follow your well-planned weight loss regimen daily to achieve the desired result.

4. You Always Postpone Your Plan

You are really concerned about your overweight and already thought of everything needed for you to lose weight.  But your ‘fat loss plans’ never take off because you always postpone and think of starting them from tomorrow or coming Monday.

Each day you discover new excuses to postpone your diet and exercise plan for the next day.

You will never succeed in losing weight unless you start implementing your plans from here and now, and follow them every day.

5. You Are Not Losing Weight Because You Don’t Know What To Do

You could be just like most overweight people who have only some vague ideas about weight loss.

It can also happen that you are just confused about what to do as you have too many suggestions and weight loss plans available to you.

The best way to lose weight is to stick to one weight loss plan and follow it religiously. You can change your plans and lifestyle when it is no more effective in fat burning.

If you are totally unaware of what to do, there are so many good diet plans and supplements to choose from.  You could also easily learn about it on the internet or by consulting any qualified dietitian or weight trainer.

6. You Think That Weight Loss Is All About Starving

Many overweight people follow a poor calorie diet to lose weight. Some skip meals to prevent calorie intake.

They think ‘a very low amount of calorie intake’ gives better weight loss results.

But you are not going to succeed with your weight loss plan if you are going to be in a starvation mode to prevent calorie intake.

Making yourself starve will make you sick and weak soon, and you will have to return to the old diet to restore your health.

In reality, a small daily calorie deficit is all that you need to start losing weight in a sustainable manner; 100 or 150 calories less than your daily requirement.

Severe calorie restriction actually works against your metabolic order and could result in adverse health conditions and reverse weight gain.

7. You Got All Wrong With Workouts

In the beginning, you are over enthusiastic to lose weight, and all of a sudden you begin to do the hardest exercises.

But you have low exercise capacity and suddenly start overdoing the exercises would make you too tired, weak, and sick.  Eventually, you are forced to quit the workouts altogether within a couple of days.

At the initial periods of your weight loss plan, you need to go slow and light with your exercise.

High-intensity weight loss exercises could be started only after your body muscles get accustomed to light exercises for a week or two.

It is also important to rotate the different sets of exercises on different days of the week instead of repeatedly doing the same exercises every day.

8. You Suffer From Poor Self Esteem And Self-Criticism

Some people feel shameful to eat diets that are not matching their lifestyle and comfort of life.

Many overweight people are not able to lose weight because they are afraid of the sarcastic comments that would be passed by friends on their newly adopted diet habits.

Many also indulge in self-criticism of their diet plan and really feel sad to miss the sumptuous and delicious foods their friends and family members are having.

Health psychologist and Stanford lecturer Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. explains, “If you focus on self-criticism, you’ll be like a laser on it.”

Instead of focusing on the comments of other people and self-pitying of your strict diet plan, just focus on the good health you want to achieve by losing excess body fat.

9. You Are Too Focused On Numbers

Don’t be preoccupied with the desire to see you with a lower weight every time you scale your weight. Many give up the weight loss plan when they don’t see weight reduction for one or two weeks.

Know that healthy weight loss is not about shedding many pounds of weight.

Healthy weight loss is about losing unwanted body fat, especially belly fat.

For many days, you may not see any reduction in body weight (weight loss plateau), and some weeks you might gain more weight than the previous week. It is not because your diet is not working, but you are gaining heavy muscle mass with the high-intensity workouts you are doing.

More than drastically reducing the body weight, you should be concerned about burning the excess body fat in your body. Your weight loss plan is successful if your belly fats have gone and the circumference of the waistline is decreased.

10. You Fail To Achieve Weight Loss Because Of Stress

According to trainer and lifestyle coach Julie Barrett, MS, RD, losing weight is all about ‘stress management.

Even the best diet plans and workouts will fail to reduce effective weight loss results if you remain overstressed and tensioned always.

If you are overanalyzing every bit of food and overtraining, you could become overstressed with your weight loss plan itself.

It is most effective to follow a balanced diet plan and a sustainable workout regimen to achieve good fat-burning results with ease and comfort.

The Bottom Line

You might fail to lose weight effectively when you make your diet plan and workouts too complicated and beyond your personal limitations.

The most important aspect of every successful weight loss plan is the strong determination to achieve the set goals and the “never give up” attitude.

It is always effective to follow healthy diets and sustainable workouts to reduce unwanted weight and keep yourself physically fit.

Don’t get stressed out with unrealistic weight loss programs that don’t work.