10 Ways To Wake Up And Feel Happy Every Morning

Waking up in the morning with a happy and peaceful state of mind is what we all love to do.

However, most of us get up not so happy and relaxed on most days.

So what can we do to start the day on a happy note? How can we make ourselves feel happy every morning and remain the same throughout the day?

In this article, I would like to bring home to you a few very simple tips that most happy people do to remain happy every morning.

Great achievers in life are people who wake up at the break of the dawn and do little things that make them happy. The happy mood in the morning gives them great motivation and energy to perform their daily tasks well.

What you do best in the first hour of the day will make you feel good for the rest of the day.

How To Wake Up Happy Every Morning?

Here are some great and proven tips for you to do in the morning that will make your ‘mornings’ truly happy and energetic.

Tips For Waking Up Happy Every Morning

1. Stop Snoozing The Alarm Clock

The common saying goes, “You snooze, you lose.” When you have set your alarm clock to snooze, you are deliberately making yourself feel lethargic. You are inviting the unwanted laziness to take control of you at the beginning of the day itself.

Coming out of bed half an hour after you have already woken up with the first alarm will only break your sleep early and make you feel tired for the rest of the day.

The best strategy is to set your alarm when you need to get up at the exact time you have pre-planned to be out of bed.

2. Let The Thoughts Of Gratitude Fill Your Mind In The Morning

At the beginning of the day think of the many good things you have in life and begin to feel grateful to God, nature, and people who have blessed you with the same.

The worst way to begin your day is to have many negative and ungrateful thoughts in your mind. Avoid it by all means.

For the first few minutes of the day fill your mind with good thoughts of gratitude and love for people and nature that surround your life.

Think of 5 good things that you are grateful for and these thoughts will certainly elevate your mood in the morning. According to studies, being grateful make you feel happier than otherwise.

3. Smile At Yourself, People And Nature Surrounding You

One of the best ways to feel happy in the morning is to look at yourself in a mirror and smile at yourself.

Exchange smiles and greets the people with whom you are living. Even greeting and caressing the pet animals in the morning can become a great source of joy for many.

Joyfully watching the bright sky, morning sun, flowers, trees, and plants surrounding your living space can bring a lot of positive energy into you in the morning.

4. Listen To Inspiring And Pleasant Podcasts Or Recordings

If you are a pious and religious person, listening to thought-provoking devotional songs and discourses will certainly elevate your mood with positive energy.

Listening to motivational songs and meditational thoughts is another suitable way to make yourself happy in the morning.

Some people find it extremely enjoyable and happy to watch their favorite funny videos or listen to their favorite music in the morning.

It is all up to your choice and interest, but listening to something that you love to hear most is an excellent way to be joyful in the morning.

5. Engage In 10 Minutes Of Physical Relaxation Every Morning

There are several things like massage, yoga, light exercises, or a nice bath you can do to feel physically relaxed and pleasant in the morning.

Some people love to massage their face, neck, and hands for a couple of minutes to feel relaxed in the morning.

It is a good idea to stretch your muscles, legs, and hands for a few minutes to feel energetic and lively.

You should also compulsorily take deep breaths (gradual and prolonged inhaling and exhaling) at least ten times immediately after you wake up in the morning.

Simple stretching and breathing exercises increase blood circulation and improve the energy flow with fresh oxygen supply into the lungs.

6. Expose Yourself To Morning Sunshine And Fresh Air

Exposing yourself to the morning sunlight and fresh air outside your room is one of the best ways to feel refreshed in the morning.  It helps you to begin your day in a relaxed and refreshed manner.

It will be the most ideal if you can take a little walk or jog along with your courtyard or driveway in front of your house for a couple of minutes in the morning.  It is still fine even if you are living in a colder region, as the cold weather makes your heart work harder to keep the rest of your body warm.

If you are living in a tall building (skyscraper apartments) and not feasible to be out in the open, at least, you should open windows to let the sunshine and fresh air into your room.

Also, it is proven that exposing yourself to a splash of sunlight could make you feel more awake and active. This can make your biological clock stop the secretion of the melatonin hormone that induces sleep.

7. Drinking ‘Instant Energy’ In The Morning

Drinking a large glass of water after brushing your teeth is an excellent way to hydrate your body; it instantly boosts the energy levels of your body.

You will feel tired when the fluid levels in the body are low, and your body has not got water for a long time as you have been sleeping for many hours.

If you are also into weight reduction, drinking two glasses of lemon water on an empty stomach will bring added benefits to your health.

It is also a good idea to drink one large glass of water before you retire to sleep at night to avoid your body becoming dehydrated by morning.

8. Engage In Pleasant Talks

Once you are done with all your personal routines in the morning, it is good to engage in cool little talks with your loved ones. If you are living alone, you can even try to talk to your pet animals or plants and listen to their silent replies that you can imagine in mind.

Little pleasant conversation in the morning makes you feel good as you are engaging your brain to do some listening, responding, and interpreting. This little conversation takes away the boredom and gets your brain directly into an active mode for the works of the day.

Child Waking Up Happy From The Bed

9. Pamper Yourself With The Foods And Drinks You Like

One of the most gratifying and satisfying experiences in the morning is to have special food or beverage you like to have.

Just, for example, you may love to begin your breakfast with the pleasant taste of a fruit juice you love most or a little bit of sweet food you relish a lot.

Obviously, tasting something delicious in the morning is surely going to put you in a happy mood as you proceed for serious work for the rest of the day.

10. Have A Well Planned Routine For Each Day

What makes most people upset in the morning is the mess and panic arising out of your unplanned timetable.

You can become very stressed in the morning, especially when you have woken up late and have many routine tasks to be completed in a short time before you leave for work.

Judiciously following the well-planned morning routine at the right time will ease out all tension and stress in the morning.

It is good to complete some of the preparations for the next day in the night before you go to sleep. Just, for example, keep ready your next day’s outfit for work, your office bag with all essentials, kids’ school uniforms, and belongings, etc. before you go to sleep at the night.

When you have too many things to do in a hurry in the morning, you are sure to get stressed in the morning itself.

The morning becomes a very pleasant time if you meticulously follow your well-planned morning routine activities.

Foresee the requirements of the next day and get some of them ready before you go to bed in the night to avoid the stressful burry-burry of the morning.