Substitute For Dijon Mustard – 9 Tangy, Spicy Alternatives

Looking for a good substitute for Dijon mustard? If you have run out of your favorite mustard or for a change you want to use another ingredient in your recipe, we have got them all here.

Among all the prepared mustards available, Dijon mustard originated from the city of Dijon in France, is widely used and dearly cherished by many. It’s a versatile condiment as well as a frequently used ingredient in many recipes.

This prepared mustard is a very useful condiment that you must always keep a jar on hand in your pantry. However, if you have run out of it, don’t worry. There are enough alternatives to Dijon mustard that can certainly save your recipe in a pinch.

Best Substitute For Dijon Mustard

If you are fond of this mustard then you know of the many uses it has in your recipes like sauces and dressings. In short, it’s an unavoidable ingredient for those who love it dearly. But then, what can I use in place of Dijon mustard? Consider the following substitutes:

DIY Dijon Mustard

There is no better Dijon mustard substitute than quickly making your own Dijon-style mustard. Trust me for sure, it’s a simple condiment with common ingredients. It’s best made with white wine and wine vinegar but instead of them, even any vinegar is good enough to serve the purpose.

Here are the basic ingredients to mix together:

  • 1 tablespoon dry mustard powder
  • 1 ½ tablespoons mayonnaise/ egg yolks
  • ¾ tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 1 pinch salt (optional)
  • 1 pinch sugar (optional)

Optionally, you may also include other ingredients like garlic, shallots/onion, or wheat flour.

Note:  If you’ve time, use a mixture of brown and yellow mustard seeds soaked in white wine for a minimum of four hours – grind the well-soaked seeds into a paste-like consistency and then blend it with other ingredients. After use, store the leftover prepared mustard in an airtight jar and keep it in the refrigerator.

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American Yellow Mustard – Best Option

Yellow mustard is slightly sweeter and tarter than Dijon mustard, still, a great alternative that works. Use it in 1:1 to swap out the French mustard. The biggest advantage is that yellow mustard will nicely fit into any recipe that calls for Dijon mustard, also affordable and easily available.

Spicy Brown Mustard

Another great replacement for Dijon mustard is the familiar spicy brown mustard which contains turmeric and a few other spices. Brown mustard is different from Dijon for it has more spices and less vinegar. If you enjoy spicy foods, this mustard is absolutely the right choice for you. By the way, spicy brown mustard may not work well for sandwiches, sauces, and hot dogs but is suitable for meat rubs, vinaigrettes, marinades, and bagels.

Stone-Ground Mustard

When you’ve run out of Dijon mustard, stone-ground mustard is a handy alternative worth trying without regret. Of course, the coarse texture of this mustard won’t be appealing to ardent fans of Dijon mustard. Stone-ground mustard is milder than Dijon but they both have equal levels of zesty and tangy flavor.

Whole Grain Mustard

As the name suggests, whole-grain prepared mustard is made up of partially crushed mustard seeds just enough to create a thick paste. It’s spicy and has a coarse texture like stone-ground mustard. It’s a manageable swap for Dijon in most recipes when you’re left without a better option.

Honey Mustard

If you are looking for something sweeter and milder than Dijon mustard, then honey mustard is a perfect choice. It’s milder than the French mustard with less tartness and heat. Honey mustard pairs well with pork or chicken recipes. For sweet-toothed people, it can be a substitution ingredient in most recipes that call for Dijon mustard.

Other Alternatives

Horseradish sauce made from the roots of horseradish blended with vinegar and salt can be used as an excellent stand-in ingredient for Dijon mustard. This sauce has both the taste and texture of prepared mustard.  If you want it to be more identical to Dijon mustard then blend it with yellow mustard or honey mustard.

Wasabi packs more heat than Dijon otherwise these two are very similar in flavor. It does not have the creamy texture of the prepared mustard, so use it in recipes that need Dijon flavor, not as the creamy ingredient.

Worcestershire sauce is a good substitute for Dijon mustard. In fact, most of us would love to enjoy the delicious taste of this sauce more than the prepared mustard. Use it in moderation as it is more tangy and acidic than Dijon, also it has a dark color.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dijon mustard is a versatile ingredient in various recipes, but when you’re in need of a substitute, you have several options to choose from. DIY Dijon mustard is the closest match, easily prepared with common ingredients. Yellow mustard is a slightly sweeter alternative, while spicy brown mustard offers a more zesty option.

Stone-ground and whole-grain mustards provide similar textures to Dijon. Honey mustard is a milder, sweeter choice. Horseradish sauce, wasabi, and Worcestershire sauce also make viable substitutes, depending on your taste preferences and recipe requirements.

With these alternatives, you can seamlessly replace Dijon mustard in your favorite dishes.

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