11 Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Which You May Not Know

In ancient cultures, the pomegranate fruit (anar/Punica granatum) was considered a ‘fruit from heaven.’

Everybody loves this red fruit for its crunchiness and juiciness with savoring the taste.

But more than the pleasure of eating this fruit, the health benefits of this fruit are most praiseworthy.

This fruit deserves to be at the top of the healthiest fruits list.

Health Benefits Of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits on earth. It is more than just a healthy snack or fruit juice drink.

You won’t believe these amazing pomegranates’ incredible brain, body, and beauty benefits.

The benefits of this pomegranate have a direct impact on preventing or curing many major health issues.

 The following paragraphs below will discuss the 11 amazing benefits of pomegranates for health and happy living.

1. Value Of ‘Pomegranate Nutrition’ Is Great

The pomegranate is berry-type fruit with thick red-colored skin and filled with edible red seeds (arils).

Only the arils (the seed pod inside a pomegranate) are edible; this can be eaten raw or as juice and smoothies.

Besides having many essential nutrients, these fruits are also rich in several other powerful plant compounds, some of which have highly potent medicinal properties.

100 grams of arils contain the following amount of nutrients:

 Pomegranate Nutrition

2. Prevent Fungal and Bacterial Infections

The harmful microorganism in the body can be suppressed or destroyed by the plant components in pomegranate.

It is found that the antibacterial properties in this fruit can prevent the harmful yeast Candida albicans and others.

Consumption of this fruit will help prevent bacterial effects in the mouth, like denture stomatitis, periodontitis, and gingivitis.

3. Pomegranate Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer And Breast Cancer

The pomegranate extracts have medicinal powers to slow down the reproduction of cancer cells. In the case of prostate cancer, this extract induces apoptosis (death) of cancer-spreading cells.

The pomegranate juice can tremendously slow down the regeneration of prostate-specific antigen that aggravates prostate cancer conditions.

Regarding breast cancer, pomegranate extract can inhibit the reproduction of breast cancer cells. It is also able to destroy some amount of breast cancer cells.

4. Reductions In Blood Pressure Is Possible With Pomegranate

Various studies have reported a significant reduction in blood pressure with the daily consumption of pomegranate juice (150ml per day).

This fruit juice is exceptionally good for reducing systolic blood pressure.

It will take at least two weeks of regularly drinking pomegranate juice for the best results in keeping your blood pressure healthy.

5. Pomegranate Contains Anti-Inflammation Properties

Many major diseases like type-2 diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and Alzheimer’s disease are caused or aggravated by chronic inflammation.

The excellent anti-inflammatory properties amply found in this fruit, in conjunction with the antioxidant properties of the punicalagin, can prevent and reduce cell-level inflammation.

Some studies found that patients who had 250 ml of pomegranate juice per day for 12 weeks reduced the inflammatory markers CRP and interleukin-6 by 32% and 30%, respectively. This same was also found to be very effective in reducing the inflammation associated with colon cancer and breast cancer.

6. Pomegranates Contain Excellent Medicinal Properties

The punicalagin and punicic acid in pomegranate have an excellent medicinal effect that provides many health benefits.

Punicalagins are excellent antioxidants found in the peels of pomegranate. It is very powerful in removing the adverse effects of free radicals in the blood.

Punicalagins are the most powerful natural antioxidant, better than those found in green tea, red wine, and coffee beans.

One of the major fatty acids found in the arils is punicic acid. It is a type of conjugated linoleic acid that provides a powerful antioxidant benefit.

This fatty acid has very powerful biological effects like pro-and antioxidant activity, anticancer effects, anti-inflammatory activities, and healing of skin diseases.

7. Pomegranate Juice Is Good For a Healthy Heart

It is recommended that people suffering from heart disease should consume pomegranate fruits daily.

The conjugated linoleic acids, especially the punicic acid found in this fruit, are good for preventing various heart diseases.

The pomegranate seed oil is good for reducing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Consuming about 800 milligrams of pomegranate seed oil per day can increase the HDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

The consumption of pomegranate juice is also good for increasing HDL and reducing LDL cholesterol.

This fruit juice also can prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and restricts the possibility of inflammation.

8. Gives Relief From Arthritis and Joint Pain

The inflammation in the joints can be prevented or reduced with the help of anti-inflammatory plant compounds present in pomegranate.

The extract from this fruit benefits people with osteoarthritis by preventing the particular enzymes in the body that causes damage to the joints.

9. Reduce The Chances Of Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction is the impaired blood flow into the erectile issues caused by oxidative damage.

Certain animal studies have proven pomegranate juices’ efficacy in recovering or preventing erectile dysfunction caused by oxidation.

A study also found that men with erectile dysfunction noticed some beneficial influences of this fruit juice, reducing the problem.

10. Possible To Improve Memory With Pomegranate Diet

Some evidence showed the enhancement of memory power in people who regularly consumed pomegranate extract.

It is particularly good for people who suffer memory loss due to surgery or an accident.

One of the study results showed improvement in visual and verbal memory in people who regularly consumed 8oz of pomegranate juices.

The studies conducted on mice showed the effectiveness of this fruit in preventing or recovering from Alzheimer’s disease to some extent.

11. Pomegranate Is Good For Enhancing The Performances Of Athletes

Pomegranate extract reduces fatigue and improves the performance level of sporting activities and exercises.

The nitrate present in this fruit is good for enhancing muscular strength for improved performance.

One of the studies found that athletes who took 1 gram of pomegranate extract 30 minutes before exercise had improved blood flow and higher energy output.

Final Thought

Pomegranate, with a glowing red color crunchy and sweet taste, is a ‘fun fruit. But the real value of this fruit lies in its nutritional richness and effective medicinal powers.

Everyone will love to have juices and smoothies with pomegranate. Many cosmetic skincare products boast pomegranate oil ingredients in them.

The best way to get maximum benefits from this fruit is to eat the arils directly or drink them as juice. But for medicinal solutions, some healthcare products contain pomegranate extract or pomegranate seed oil.

Undoubtedly, this glorious red fruit is one of the healthiest fruits on the planet, with numerous health benefits. Don’t miss it.