How To Get Adderall Prescribed By A Doctor Or Online?

Are you wondering how to get Adderall prescribed by a doctor? Yes, it is easy to get an Amphetamine prescription if you have severe ADHD symptoms.

In some states, it is not legally permissible to get Adderall without a prescription because of its rampant misuse.  So you may need a doctor’s prescription to get it from a drug store or online.

Adderall is the brand name of a stimulant drug useful for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adults.

This medication contains two stimulant drugs, dextroamphetamine, and amphetamine. It stimulates the nervous system and improves a person’s attention, performance, and organization.

Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are stimulants also useful for treating narcolepsy and chronic depression.

Why Is Adderall A Prescription Drug?

In recent times, there is a surge in the use of Adderall.

At the moment, Adderall is one of the most popular medicines for treating ADHD.

According to one of the market survey reports, Adderall has witnessed over a 3,000 percent rise in sales in the last decade. Approximately, 22 million Adderall prescriptions happen every year now.

The FDA has restricted the use of this drug for ADHD. However, the use of Amphetamine based pills has increased for other reasons as well.

In the past, this drug was a generic drug readily available to all like an OTC medicine. This led to the widespread abuse of this drug.

Adderall increases dopamine levels and triggers a feeling of euphoria, especially when taken in higher doses. As a result, some people began to use this drug to get ‘high’; they often snort the pounded pill or inject them in diluted form.

Some people without ADHD began to use this pill for improving their ability to think and focus. It is popular among students who are trying to boost their academic performance.

Amphetamine is known for its ability to suppress appetite and for this reason many use it for weight loss.

Off-label use of Adderall is growing wide. Perhaps, these days’ people use Adderall more for non-medical reasons other than treating ADHD.

Many states have listed Adderall as a strictly prescription drug.

Why do people look for Adderall Prescription?

Many people like to get Adderall for various reasons. Most of the users of this drug prefer to get it legally. So it is natural for them to find how they can get an Adderall prescription.

Most states do not allow the sale, purchase, or use of Adderall without a doctor’s prescription.

Some of the reasons for getting this amphetamine drug prescribed include:

  • treatment of ADHD and ADD
  • medication for narcolepsy
  • enjoy the recreational effect of amphetamine
  • treatment of self-diagnosed ADHD symptoms
  • try out the drug as recommended by a friend or relative
  • improve the capacity to learn and study through boosted focus and attention
  • for appetite suppression to achieve weight loss

These are the most common reasons for people trying to get an Adderall prescription.

How to get Adderall prescribed by a doctor?

If you are diagnosed with ADHD, your doctor will prescribe Adderall. Usually, only a registered doctor can prescribe this drug. A neurologist or psychiatrist is the most competent person to recommend the use of a stimulant drug.  Keep in mind that psychologists cannot prescribe medication.

You are worthy of getting an Adderall prescription if you have some of the following symptoms of ADHD such as:

  • Easily distracted during work or study with unrelated stimuli
  • Unable to focus on small details of the work
  • Do not have the ability to focus on work for long till its completion
  • Forgetfulness and disorganization
  • A regular habit of procrastination
  • Shifts from one task to another without completing the first one
  • Restlessness and fidgeting, especially when seated
  • Short-tempered and impatient
  • Reduced ability to perform multitasking jobs
  • Constantly interrupts others

If you are a narcolepsy patient, your doctor might prescribe Adderall for you.  Some weight-loss specialist doctors like Osteopath or Bariatric physicians may prescribe Adderall as part of a weight-loss procedure.

Key Points of ADHD Diagnosis and Medication

Unless your doctor is sure of your ADHD condition he will not recommend the use of stimulants. Here are the key points to be kept in mind while you are seeking prescription medication for ADHD:

  • Make thorough learning about ADHD symptoms
  • Analyze if the symptoms present in your match with a severe case of ADHD which require prescription medication
  • Consult a psychiatrist for final diagnosis, guidance, and medication
  • Have detailed discussions with your psychiatrist about the symptoms of ADHD that you have
  • Be honest with yourself and never lie to your psychiatrist while answering questions the doctor would ask you
  • Tell your psychiatrist how often the symptoms occur, and how long you have noticed them
  • Be upfront about wanting medication and prove your keen interest in using prescription medicines as a treatment option for ADHD

Can you get Adderall prescribed for recreational purposes?

No doctors will prescribe you stimulant drugs like Adderall for recreational reasons.

Unfortunately, a lot of people want to get Adderall prescribed for recreational purposes. It is an illegal and unhealthy thing to do.

In fact, the continuous use of stimulant drugs can cause serious health problems soon or later.

Some try to get a prescription for Adderall from a doctor on the false pretext of ADHD. They find out non-existent reasons like excessive forgetfulness, concentration problems, restlessness, or impatience issues to convince the doctor for prescribing Adderall for them. Some try to enact ADHD symptoms to make believe the doctor about their worthy reason to use this drug.

How to Get an Adderall Prescription Online?

It is possible to get an Adderall prescription online from doctors consulting patients via phone or video conferencing.

You have to be a genuine ADHD or narcolepsy patient to request your doctor of prescribing Amphetamine drugs.

If the doctor is convinced that you have ADHD, he may email the Adderall prescription to a pharmacy in your area. The pharmacist then checks the prescription and provides you with the medication.

Please note that most doctors do not prescribe Adderall without an in-person diagnosis test.  Even if the doctor prescribes the medication online, it will be a generic version of the stimulant and not Adderall.

By submitting a copy of the prescription, it is also possible to buy Adderall online. You can find several online drug stores that courier medicine all over the world. When you purchase Amphetamine or other stimulants online, you can never be sure about their authenticity and effectiveness. Make sure to buy medicines online from reliable sources and reputed companies.

Using Medication Correctly

Once the doctor has prescribed Adderall for treating ADHD conditions, you must use the medication correctly. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Start taking Adderall in small doses and increase the dosage only when recommended by your doctor
  • Resist the habit-forming addiction tendencies while using this drug
  • Do not share this stimulant medication with anyone; it is unethical and punishable
  • Never take an overdose of Adderall, if you think the prescribed dosage is not working then discuss the matter with your physician
  • Once you feel your ADHD symptoms are suppressed quit using the pill till symptoms show up again; this helps to prevent addiction and dependency

The Bottom Line

If you have ADHD symptoms and you genuinely need Adderall your doctor will know and prescribe Adderall for you.

There are other off-label reasons a doctor might prescribe Adderall such as narcolepsy, treatment-resistant depression, or suppressing appetite. But the FDA approves the use of this pill only for ADHD.

Trying to get Adderall prescribed for reasons other than ADHD is not the right thing to do. Please note that using this stimulant for recreational purposes or weight loss can cause severe side effects to your health.

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