Laser Hair Removal Review | Avoid Laser Hair Removal at Home

Many are worrying about hair growth and stopping hair loss.

But numerous others want the unwanted hairs to be removed. Thankfully, modern science has invented the required technologies and medicines to take care of all the basic needs of human beings.

The laser hair removal system is one such invention for beauty care, and it has been used for more than two decades. Currently, it is very popularly used for hair removal, and you might have already seen that several hair-care clinics in your locality already have hair removal with a laser on offer.

In this article, we will discuss in detail all the pros and cons of using laser technology to get rid of unwanted hairs. Its benefits, cost, side effects, and the viability of using it at home will also be discussed in this post.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

If you hate tweezing or waxing to remove unwanted hair, then the laser hair removal method is ideal.

Currently, one of the most popular hair removal methods followed by Americans, in general, is the laser treatment for hair.

It is about 20 years since this method was made available to the public after many trials and tests by the inventors.

This hair removal system uses pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. Selective photothermolysis (SPTL) at a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration burns off the targeted hair follicle tissues without affecting surrounding skin tissues. The laser light-emitting machine specifically targets the melanin (hair growth substance) in the follicles and destroys them by heating.

This light will be absorbed by only the dark objects (chromophore), and they get burned off in the heat of the light. The dark matter in the skin follicles is the melanin (chromophore) that causes hair growth.

Some machines have a vacuum space that pulls and stretches the skin closer to the energy source. The epidermal layer of the skin absorbs the energy, and maximum photons are made to reach the melanin in hair follicles. The heat that is specifically absorbed by the melanin destroys the follicles.

The video below shows how an ordinary laser hair removal machine works.

Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

There are two types of melanin: pheomelanin, which produces a blonde-red color, and eumelanin, which produces black or brown hair.

Since this laser light can only be absorbed by the dark matter, only the black or brown hairs can be removed.

It works best for removing coarse dark hair. The best hair removal results with laser are noticed in people with light skin complexion and dark hair.

Some highly advanced laser machines can remove the dark hairs of dark-skinned people with more than 90% accuracy. But the advanced machines are expensive, and all the hair-care clinics may still need them.

The community of dermatologists who received the efficacy of hair removal laser. Any good hair-care clinic will indeed have this device installed with a trained professional to manage it.

Advantages Of Laser Hair Removal

I have come across many laser hair removal reviews in the dermatology literature, and I highly appreciate the safety and efficacy of laser methods for permanent hair removal.

Laser usage for removing unwanted hair is more advantageous than using a shaving razor or waxing.

  • It is convenient for any body part, like the leg, face, arm, bikini line, etc.
  • It has great precision in removing only the hair without damaging the surrounding skin tissues.
  • This does the work at a high speed, and within fractions of seconds, many hairs are removed.
  • It gives long-lasting results after a few sessions of light laser solution for hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is designed for permanent hair removal.

1997, the FDA approved hair removal lasers as a “permanent hair reduction” solution.

According to the FDA’ permanent hair reduction” means a long-term stable reduction in hair re-growth after the laser treatment sessions.

However, the result that will last for many years is what you can expect most from the laser solution. As the body cells constantly regenerate, some of the destroyed hair follicles will be replaced by new ones in a few years.

The permanency of this solution also depends on the laser machine’s quality and the laser operator’s experience and skill. Advanced-quality laser technology machines will certainly produce long-lasting results.

As we have said earlier, the effectiveness of the treatment also depends on the skin complexion and the hair colors of the person. For a dark-skinned person, this treatment may not give the best result as a light-skinned person.

Rough skin with hidden pores may also reduce the effectiveness of this hair removal technique. Some people must undergo 7 to 10 sessions to get maximum results.

There are also cases in which some people are “non-responders” as the device parameters are too low or the person’s skin texture does not match this hair removal method.

The particular hair follicles that are removed will not have the capacity to grow the hair again. However, it is not necessary that a particular area of the skin treated with laser lights can destroy all the hair follicles present there.

In healthy skin and hair conditions, you can expect that 70% of hairs are entirely removed from laser hair removal treatment. The remaining 30% of the hair will be reduced to a miniature form with a lighter color.

However, a few repeated sessions of this laser technology to remove the hair will ensure all the hairs are permanently removed with lasting results. Generally, at least 6 to 7 laser treatment sessions must be done for the best results.

Usually, it will take two to three weeks for all the laser-treated hairs to fall off, and it is better to avoid pulling out or rubbing the treated hairs.

Does Hair Removal with Laser Hurt?

Most of us hate the irritation and pain we experience when any hair strand is pulled out forcefully from the legs and arms.

Laser hair removal does NOT hurt. At the most, some might experience a rubber band snap against the skin.

The skin is much tender and sensitive at bikini lines, genital areas, upper lips, and underarms, where laser rays could be slightly painful for some. The laser operator could use a cold compressor or anesthetic cream on sensitive areas to numb the pain.

In any case, it is not going to hurt anyone so much. After all, there is No Gain Without Pain.

There are a few side effects of laser hair removal solutions. After the treatment session, some people might experience itching, redness, or swelling over the treated areas of the skin. The skin is reacting to the damage caused to the hair follicles.

It is good to apply an ice pack over the area to reduce the swelling of the skin.

Wrong adjustments on the laser setting can also overburn the follicles and cause unwanted irritation on the skin. It may lead to the occurrence of skin issues like discoloration of the skinacne flares, scab formation, and other infections.

Avoid shaving the treated areas of the skin before the burns on the skin follicles are healed.

Some hair removal gels and laser treatment can also cause allergies in some people.

Only an experienced laser technician can better judge the correct settings according to the skin and hair type.

Laser Hair Removal at Home Could Be Avoided

I have encountered several people making queries in the health discussion forums on the possibility of laser hair removal at home.

In stores and online shopping websites, you will also see conveniently smaller laser machines specifically designed and low-priced for individual use at home.

I don’t know the quality and efficacy of those machines.

Using a laser hair removal machine is NOT an ordinary solution for removing the hair. This can be safely operated by people with sufficient training and skill.

It is possible to do laser hair removal at home if you have the skill and experience to operate the machine correctly.

High-intensity laser light is harmful to the eyes. It must be used with necessary precautions to ensure the laser rays do not hurt the eyes. Both the operator and subject need to wear eye protection glasses.

The wrong usage of hair laser machines can damage your skin tissues. It is also essential to use an anesthetic cream while the hairs on sensitive areas of the skin are removed.

After the treatment for a week, it is essential to avoid direct skin exposure to sunlight as the laser-treated skin area is prone to sunburns.

If you are unaware of the laser setting required for your skin, it is important to do testing on a small area of the skin and wait for an hour to see if any side effects do occur on the skin. If no side effects occur, the laser setting could suit the skin. Whenever you need to increase the laser’s pulse rate, repeat the testing to ensure it is safe for the skin.

It is also good to use anti-inflammatory lotions and ice packs over the treated skin area to prevent side effects.

Avoid using laser hair removal at home, especially if you need more training and experience in using a laser.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The cost of laser hair removal varies according to the area of the skin to be treated. The cost will be higher if more significant areas of the skin are to be treated…like the entire back of the body or full legs and arms and so on.

Other things that affect the price of laser hair removal are the total number of sessions required, professional fees charged by the laser expert (a doctor will charge much more than a trained assistant), local service taxes, consultation fees, the reputation of the clinic, etc.

As per The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for laser hair removal is $235 per session.

Final Thoughts

Laser treatment is the best permanent hair removal option as it has several advantages over other methods.

The results are long-lasting with NO damage to the skin. It also has better precision and control in getting rid of the hair.

Of course, laser hair removal is more expensive than other methods. This is most effective when used by people with light skin complexion and dark hair.