How To Make Yourself Puke And Sick? – Natural Methods

How to induce vomiting?

Vomiting is a natural mechanism of the body to get rid of harmful substances.

Nausea or vomiting may be caused by food poisoning, gastritis, or bulimia.

Under some circumstances, it might become necessary to induce yourself to vomit.

Making yourself throw up is one of the easiest ways to overcome the effects of food poisoning or even a severe hangover from booze.

If you are already feeling nauseated, you can easily make yourself puke by sitting down or lying propped up.

But if you want to make yourself sick by vomiting then there are a couple of simple methods to make you do so.

However, forcefully trying to make yourself vomit is the last resort to be done under unavoidable health situations.

Do it only if you are suffering heavy food poisoning or ingested non-corrosive substances like pills.

If you do it incorrectly, induced puking can do more harm than good.

How To Make Yourself Throw Up Instantly

There are several safe ways to make yourself puke fast.

Induced vomiting should be done only if you strictly need it. Have a word with your physician before you go for such a step.

How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Here are some of the safe and effective ways to cause instant vomiting:

Using the Index Finger Method (#1 Method To Induce Vomiting)

You can induce instant vomiting by using your finger to spark a gag reflex. It is the easiest way to make yourself sick and nauseating.

To do it, insert your index finger (clean and neatly trimmed) into your mouth reaching up to the back of your throat.

With the finger keep pressing down the back of the throat to trigger a gag reflex.

When you start feeling nausea quickly pull the finger out of the mouth. Most likely you’ll start throwing up right away.

If the vomiting does not happen with the first attempt, repeat the same steps till you vomit.

It is better to sit down or kneel while trying to induce vomiting with the index finger.

Rarely do people fail to puke with this method.

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In case if you fail to trigger your gag reflex this way, you can try other methods mentioned below.

7 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Puke

Causing nausea by triggering your gag reflex is the healthiest way to make yourself puke. However, for some people, it may sound disgusting and undoable.  For some, this method may not work at all.

Here are other alternative methods to gag reflex to make yourself sick and vomit.

1. Use Emetic

If you are uncomfortable with the gag reflex method, you can use over-the-counter pills for induced vomiting.

An emetic is a popular OTC drug that helps to trigger vomiting by causing contractions in the stomach.

Ipecac syrup is the best-known brand of emetic medicine for stimulated vomiting.

It usually stimulates nausea feeling and vomiting within 30 minutes of consumption.

For safety reasons, you should consult your physician before taking emetic syrup.

Ipecac is safe for most people when taken by mouth and used for a short time.

However, it is not safe when allowed to touch the skin or when inhaled.  The emetine content in it may irritate the respiratory tract and skin.

For some people, Ipecac syrup could cause temporary side effects such as dizziness, rashes, drowsiness, and allergic reactions.

2. Drink Salt Water

Most people develop nausea and vomiting after drinking saline water with high salt density.

To induce vomiting, take a glass of warm water; dilute 3 teaspoons of table salt in the water and gulp it down quickly.

Excess sodium chloride reaching your abdomen will cause a repulsive reaction of vomiting.

After vomiting, drink enough water to neutralize and flush out the sodium chloride in the stomach.

People suffering from heart ailments, high blood pressure, and thyroid issues should not go for this method.

3. Use Egg White

Most people cannot bear the taste and smell of raw egg white in their mouths.

You can make yourself puke by gargling with egg whites.

Even the mere thought of gargling with egg white can make you feel abominable and nauseating.

Gently beat the egg whites from 3 eggs in a mug and use it for gargling; do it slowly to create a gag reflex effect.

You are likely to vomit while gargling itself.

Repeat the gargling for a few minutes till you throw up.

4. Drink Bloodroot Herbal Juice

Drinking Bloodroot herbal powder is one of the traditional solutions to stimulate nausea and vomiting.

Bloodroot contains the poisonous Alkaloid Sanguinarine which creates an instant reaction in the stomach inducing nausea.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration has characterized Sanguinaria canadensis as an unsafe herb, and for this reason, it is not a healthy option.

If you want to use bloodroot powder, then consume only a small quantity of it.

You can mix a teaspoon of bloodroot powder in one cup of boiling water and drink it lukewarm.

It is important to drink a few glasses of water 30 minutes after the treatment.

If you experience side effects of bloodroot treatment such as foot pain, tunnel vision, recurring nausea, headache, prolonged stomach pain, or allergic reactions, you must consult a doctor.

5. Using Toothbrush For Gag Reflex

Using a toothbrush instead of the index finger is an alternative method to induce a gag reflex.

Most people find it easy and more convenient to use a toothbrush than using a finger.

With the bristles of the toothbrush gently rub on the back of your tongue until gag reflex sensation is created. Repeatedly doing this action for a couple of minutes can make you puke.

6. Use Mustard Seed Drink

Ingesting raw mustard seed is a traditional emetic solution for stimulating nausea and vomiting.

Take a tablespoon of mustard seed and add it to a glass of warm water and drink it at once.

The disgusting taste of mustard seeds quickly induces a strong feeling of nausea and vomiting in most people who consume them.

You might vomit within 30 minutes of ingesting the mustard seed solution.

It is sure to produce a fast result when combined with a finger or toothbrush method of induced vomiting.

7. Spin Around

Spinning round in a roller coaster, merry-go-round, or running around in circular motion is another method to stimulate vomiting.

This method works best for people who tend to get motion sickness.

The throwing up result with spinning around is faster if it is done after overeating, drinking a stomach full of coco-cola other aerated drinks, thinking about vomiting, or smelling or tasting something nauseous.

If you do not have easy access to roller coasters or merry-go-round, you may sit on a revolving chair or bar stool to spin around yourself until you feel dizzy and nauseous.

When Should You Not Make Yourself Throw Up?

It is not always healthy and safe to make yourself throw up as you may wish to do.

It is commonly believed that induced vomiting is good after you have ingested corrosive poison or chemicals. But it is not TRUE.

You should not be making yourself vomit after ingesting poison or chemical substances as per the suggestion of The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC). Do it only if recommended by your doctor.

Poison cannot be removed from the stomach by vomiting. Vomiting can promote the further spreading of the poison to the digestive tract and lungs.

Throwing up corrosive substances like bleach or gasoline can cause damage to the digestive tract.

Throwing up light-weight frothing substances like detergents or soaps can reach your lungs. This can result in burns and inflammation.

Vomiting is not a solution to remove solid or sharp objects like pins, buttons, coins rings, or toys. Moving them up the digestive tract can cause cuts and injuries; they may even get stuck on the walls of the digestive tract.

If you have swallowed acid liquid-like bleach, acids or pesticide throwing up can cause acid burns on the esophagus and digestive tract, mouth, and throat.

Do not make yourself puke frequently for weight loss. Frequent vomiting can cause digestive disorders, bulimia, dehydration, and malnutrition.

You should never try to vomit after ingesting petroleum products like kerosene, paint thinner, solvents, or gasoline as they can cause burns and injuries to the esophagus and throat.

Side Effects Of Induced Vomiting

Induced throwing up does much more harm to the body than natural vomiting takes place during illness.

Using emetic or other natural solutions for vomiting can upset the digestive system especially when they are taken in overdose.

Let us look at some of the possible side effects of throwing up:

  • Dehydrates the body by draining out the excess amount of water;
  • Stomach acid comes out along with vomiting can burn the esophagus causing inflammation and swelling;
  • The acid present in the vomit may cause slight erosion of enamels of your teeth;
  • While vomiting acid might reach your lungs and airway which in turn can cause aspiration pneumonia;
  • Forceful and violent vomiting can tear the esophagus. The esophageal rupture will cause leaking of vomit, food, or saliva into the chest cavity; such cases are fatal if immediate medical intervention is not availed.

Treatments And Care After Throwing Up

  • Rehydrate your body gradually by drinking a few sips of water at regular intervals of 20-30 minutes. Do not drink too much water at once as this may make you feel nauseous again.
  • Thoroughly clean your mouth by rinsing and gargling with water to get rid of acids from the mouth and teeth.
  • Do not brush your teeth till 30 minutes after vomiting to prevent enamel erosion.
  • Eat BLAND foods like banana, rice water, oatmeal, or yogurt which are easy to digest.
  • Drink herbal teas such as ginger, fennel, chamomile, or artichoke as they are excellent for protecting your digestive tract and improving digestion.
  • Vomiting makes you feel weak and tired; you need a few hours of sleep and rest to fully recuperate from the side effects of vomiting.

How To Make Yourself Throw Up

The Bottom Line

Induced omitting is an excellent method for expelling toxins or harmful substances you have unknowingly ingested.

However, forceful vomiting is done as a last resort. Never do it without consulting your physician.

It is only recommended as a final solution to manage food poisoning and to get rid of non-corrosive substances from the stomach.

Do not make it a habit for the sake of weight loss as frequent vomiting can damage your digestive system and health.

Do not make yourself puke to get rid of the poison, corrosive substances, accidentally swallowed objects and frothing substances.

The best three methods for making yourself vomit are using the index finger method, toothbrush method, and emetics.

It is best to avoid traditional methods of stimulated vomiting such as mustard seed drink, salt-water solution, gargling with egg whites, and bloodroot drink.

Before you try out any of the methods of stimulated vomiting, you must seriously think of vomiting repeatedly. Thinking of vomiting itself can work as a strong stimulation for throwing up.

I hope we have answered your questions on how to make yourself vomit.

Please put down your suggestion and questions in the comment section below.

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