How Long Does Eyebrow Tinting Last? Tinting Before And After

Eyebrows are an exceptionally important facial feature of a person.

Well-groomed and tinted eyebrows bring beauty and elegance to the appearance of a person.

Giving a perfect tint to the eyebrows can make a lot of difference to the beauty of your face.

When you have given proper shade to the eyebrows or planning to color them, the first question that comes to your mind is “how long does eyebrow tinting last?”

This article explores all aspects of grooming your eyebrows and the techniques of tinting.

First things first, before we go on to discuss the details of eyebrow tinting, let us look at the longevity of tinting.

Eyebrow tinting: an overview

Eyebrow tinting is all about coloring the eyebrows.

Tinting is used either to change the color of the entire brow or to give a light color to the extra hair.

The tinting experts usually make use of a semi-permanent vegetable dye or herbal dye to enhance the color, thickness, and shape of the brows.

The process of tinting the brows does not cause any pain, unlike threading and waxing. It does not involve removing hair from the brow.

Coloring the brows is a smart beauty enhancement step that eventually leads to grooming personality.

A matching tint on the brows, in perfect agreement with the skin complexion and color of the hair, gives a fine look to the person.

You can give a perfect shape and color to the eyebrows by tinting them.

How long does eyebrow tinting last?

You might be wondering “how long does eyebrow tinting last” if you are coloring the brows for the first time.

The durability of eyebrow tinting depends on the quality and type of color you use.

If you are using a semi-permanent dye, it may fade out after two to five weeks. However, a permanent tint on eyebrows may last one to two months depending on the fall or growth of eyebrow hairs.

Does Eyebrow Tinting Work?

Eyebrow tinting is a well-appreciated beauty enhancement technique in practice for many decades.

This helps to upgrade the brows by giving a defined shape, appropriate color, and depth. For this purpose, using semi-permanent vegetable dye is most suitable.

The selected color should complement the color of your hair on the head, base brow color, and facial skin complexion.

You can also give a well-defined shape to the brows by applying light shade on the extra or uneven hairs of the brow.

Eyebrow tinting is also used to enhance the depth and thickness of thin and light-colored brows.

Warning: It is important to choose a high-quality coloring kit for eyebrows and eyelash tinting. There have been a lot of complaints regarding such products in the past.

How to do eyebrow tinting?

You can perform brow tinting on your own by using the brow tinting kit available for purchase in cosmetics shops. However, you can take the help of a brow tinting professional for more accurate results.

Choosing the right color depends on the thickness of your brow, hair color, or a particular color you want to give a try.

It may be quite difficult for some of us to choose the right combination between natural hair and eyebrow color.

If you are unsure of choosing the right color, you can simply follow the “two-shade rule.” If you have dark hair, then choose two shades lighter than your natural hair color. On the other hand, if you have light-colored hair then use two shades darker than the natural hair color.

What you need for eyebrow tinting:

  • Barrier cream (Vaseline)
  • Eyebrow tint
  • Tint remover
  • Clean mascara wand
  • Synthetic lip brush
  • Cotton swabs and pads


  • Apply barrier cream to the skin around the eyebrow area to protect it from tint
  • Prepare brow tint solutions as per the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer
  • Apply the shade on brows with your lip brush
  • Quickly comb through the brows with a clean mascara wand before the tint dries off
  • Clean up the hue outside the eyebrows with a cotton swab dipped in tint remover – you may keep a thin line of tint around the brows if you wish to make them large
  • Leave the shade on for desired time between 2 to 10 minutes – follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a preferred result
  • Remove particles of dye on brows with dampened cotton pads.

How to keep your eyebrow tint for longer?

After you have tinted the brows, the next step is to take good care to make the tint last longer on the brows.

Giving a slightly darker shade of tinting is fine as the excess color fades away within a few days. Tint lasts longer if you give one shade darker than your desired color.

Do not wet or wash your eyebrows for 12 hours after tinting them.

Use only gentle tint removers to cleanse the surrounding area without touching the tinted brows.

Do not use an oil-based cleanser to clean the eyebrows after tinting. It is safe to use a gel or cream-based cleanser to wipe the eyebrows.

Tips for beautiful eyebrows tinting

Here are few tips for beautiful eyebrow tinting that can make you appear impressive:

  • Let the eyebrow tints be two shades lighter than your hair color
  • Whenever you dye your hair also tint the brows
  • Don’t match the brow tint with the same color of the hair
  • A suitable difference between hair color and brow color can make the brows appear flatter
  • Take the help of a professional colorist to apply tints on your brows for a perfect coloring of brows
  • Protect your eyes while coloring the brows
  • Touch up the eyebrows with tints after every three weeks.

Should you tint your brows?

Let us not shy away from the truth. Everyone likes to be good-looking. You deserve to be at your best.

It is just not about beauty and appearance alone. A well-groomed person is more motivated and attractive than one who is least bothered about personal beauty and appearance.

In public places, a well-groomed person gets more attention than the rest. The first impression is the best impression that you can give your appearance.

If you do not have well-defined eyebrows, you should think of tinting them. It is better than threading or waxing the eyebrows.

Just like hair styling, eyebrows styling and tinting have become very popular these days. If you do not have well-defined eyebrows, you should try to tint your brows to complement the shape of your face and hair color.

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Eyebrow tinting before and after photo

Here is a photo that shows the before and after results of eyebrow tinting:

Eyebrow Tinting Before And After

Importance of well-groomed eyebrows

Can you just imagine if eyebrows were not there how you would look like?

They have a lot to do with your appearance and facial expression.

Well-groomed eyebrows can:

Make you young-looking: Grooming eyebrows is one of the best anti-aging steps you can adopt. They can give you a good facelift and make your eyes larger and youthful.

Refine your look: Bushy, unkempt, and dull-colored eyebrows diminish your beautiful look. Well-maintained eyebrows give a polished and refined look to you.

Beautiful frames to your eyes: Nicely shaped eyebrows can become beautiful frames to the eyes. If they are poorly shaped they can make you appear angry, aged, tired, or sickly. The shape of your eyebrows should be matching with the shape of your face and eyes.

Changes the shape of your face:  Modifying the shape of your eyebrows can alter the shape of your facial appearance. For example, a flat eyebrow can make your long face appear short.

Gives a proportionately balanced face:  Giving an asymmetrical shape to the eyebrows gives a balanced appearance to your face.

Rectifies minor flaws: Coloring and reshaping your eyebrows can correct minor flaws such as small eyes or eyes with wide gaps in between.

The bottom line

Tinted eyebrows help to accentuate the eyes, give shape to the face, and play an important role in communication.

Most of us are not born with perfectly shaped and colored eyebrows.

So to get an appealing look, eyebrows could be routinely tinted, trimmed, and shaped.

Eyebrows tinting is easy to do if you learn how to use the best quality tint properly.

A semi-permanent eyebrow tinting lasts 3 to 6 weeks. You can touch up the eyebrow tints once in three weeks to maintain the color and shape of the brow.