12 Best Foods For Weight Loss And Fat Burning

When it comes to the best weight-loss foods, fewer calories and a healthy mixture of essential vitamins and nutrients are the keys. Healthy foods that help you burn fat are an essential part of your weight loss journey.

We all want to enjoy tasty food, but at the same time, it shouldn’t make us fat either.

In this article on the best diet for weight loss, my concern is to present you with tasty and healthy foods and, of course, the ones that will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

It is okay to make your diet plan simple and practical. The basic formula for good diet food is to consume fewer calories than you burn.

If you are wondering what to eat for weight loss, I want to bring you healthy foods that will make you feel full and curb food cravings for a long time.

I have categorized these healthy foods into 12 types. They are readily available and affordable. Here are the foods to eat for weight management:

1. Fish And Sea Foods

The healthiest fish and seafood are salmon, tuna, perch, mackerel, trout, sardines, and herring. These salmon and tuna are outstanding for their nutritional value and multiple health benefits.

These are lean fish with healthy fats in them. Almost all seafood has fewer calories and less fat than red meat.

Salmon is an excellent choice because it is delicious and filling while low in calories.

Tuna and salmon are filled with healthy fats, and good quality proteins, besides having several other essential nutrients.

The healthy functioning of the thyroid is essential for a healthy metabolism. The high-quality iodine in these fish foods helps the thyroid glands function correctly, resulting in healthy metabolic activities in our bodies.

Salmon and tuna are good sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in the right proportion, which is very good for preventing obesity and cardiovascular diseases caused by inflammation.

If you are a fitness freak and bodybuilder, the must-have food in your diet regimen is tuna fish, one of the best natural sources of high protein.

2. Legumes (Beans)

You can comfortably include kidney beans, black beans, and lentils in your weight loss diet. They are very healthy, as they provide good-quality protein and fiber.

Protein and fiber-rich foods are good for weight loss. The fiber content in beans makes you feel full and satisfied without eating more calories.

It is good to have beans, especially at breakfast and lunch, as it will help curb the craving for calorie-rich food and snacking in between.

This protein-rich food may help bring down the sugar levels in the blood.

A common issue with legumes that some people face is the bloating effect and taste. If you find it challenging to have legumes alone, there are several combinations wherein beans are the primary ingredient.

You can add beans to smoothies; it will suppress the taste of the bean. Or throw them in your scrambled eggs, add them to soups, pasta dishes, or as a topping on homemade pizza.

3. Cruciferous And Leafy Vegetables

The king of all good weight loss foods is undoubtedly green and leafy vegetables.

There are such wide varieties of them; spinach, Swiss chard, kale, turnip leaves, collards, and mustard greens are some of the best ones.

They add bulk and soluble fiber to the food and make us feel full without eating those starchy foods. They also increase the water content in your stomach.

They have several health benefits and are useful for healthy, sustainable weight loss. The fibrous content of leafy vegetables promotes healthy metabolism and acts as a barrier to carbohydrate absorption.

Their nutritional value is very high because they contain healthy minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Another critical group of vegetables included in the list of best fat burning foods is cruciferous vegetables, including cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

They have rich fiber content and easily make you feel satiated and full.

Cruciferous vegetables have a good bit of protein, and so do other vitamins and minerals. They are good diets for fat loss as they contain very few calories.

4. Eggs

Gone are the days when eggs were condemned and criticized as a primary reason for weight gain and cardiovascular diseases.

Several research studies have repeatedly proven that eggs are the best diet for weight loss and lean muscle mass.

Eggs are rich in nutrients, including protein, zinc, iron, and vitamins A, D, E, and B12; they contain just 85 calories each.

Before, it was recommended to have fewer eggs per week; the recent food guidelines by the Food Standards Agency say there is no exact limit on the number of eggs per week; even 3 to 5 eggs a day will not do any harm.

Studies show that having two whole eggs for breakfast alone may help you stay active and less hungry throughout the day. Eggs keep you satisfied; the healthy protein in eggs suppresses the appetite very quickly.

Many are scared of egg yolks, but you will miss a lot of nutrients and vitamins if you forgo the yolks.

5. Lean Meat (Lean Protein)

Lean meats are one of the foods that help with healthy weight loss, but I am sure some of you will disagree with me because you still need to follow the old-school nutrition list.

Lean meats have several health benefits compared to a few minor drawbacks.

People frequently require clarification on the distinctions between processed meats, red meats, and lean meats.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, lean meat is any cut with fewer than 10 grams of fat per 3-ounce serving.

Skinless poultry, the white meat of turkey, chicken, Cornish hens, loin- and round-cut beef, lamb, and pork with all visible fats trimmed off, are valuable varieties of lean meat.

Lean meats have very few calories. It contains excellent quality protein with a significantly lower amount of fat.

All recent studies have shown that lean meat as part of a balanced diet is not at all a threat to health as it does not form lousy cholesterol in the blood.

Contrary to traditional nutritional thought, it does not cause a heart attack or cancer.

Lean meat is healthy weight-loss food for the protein it contains and the satiation it brings. It increases the burning of calories (an average of 100 more per day) and simultaneously arrests the craving for high-calorie foods.

It is also found that people who have meat during meals are less interested in snacks and binge eating.

Even red meat and animal fat can be eaten on a low-carb diet, as the fats will get burned quickly in place of the carbohydrates.

Healthy Fruits For Weight Loss

6. Healthy Fruits

Most of you will undoubtedly agree with me that fruits are good foods that help with weight loss.

You can experience that when you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits regularly as part of your diet, you begin to experience better health than otherwise.

Some dietitians make a lot of unnecessary noise regarding the fructose content of fruits as being bad for health.

But they overlook that the sugar content in fruits is minimal and gets absorbed by the body very slowly. The high fiber content in fruits naturally prevents or slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream. They help maintain blood sugar levels.

You need to avoid fruits only if your body is intolerant to fructose or you are on a ketogenic diet.

All fruits are healthy, but some are exceptionally good for weight loss.

Several studies have shown that avocados, grapefruits, raspberries, and blackberries are natural appetite suppressants and have fat-burning substances.

Avocado is very low in carbs and high in healthy fats. It also contains a good amount of monounsaturated oleic acid, fiber, and potassium.

When used along with vegetables, avocado helps better absorb nutrients contained in those vegetables.

Another good fruit for weight loss is grapefruit, which is notable for its direct effect on weight loss.

When grapefruits are eaten 30 minutes before meals, studies have shown that they produce excellent results in shedding pounds for a few weeks.

This fruit has numerous weight-loss benefits. It reduces insulin resistance and balances the sugar levels in the bloodstream.

Eat at least half of the grapefruit 30 minutes before a meal if you want to stop feeling hungry and eat less.

7. Nuts And Seeds

Everyone is quite familiar with nuts and seeds, which are highly nutritious foods.

In the past, most health gurus should have considered nuts and seeds healthy weight-loss foods because of their high amounts of fat.

Several studies on nuts in the recent past have shown that they are a good diet for weight loss as they promote healthy metabolic activities in the body.

Secondly, the fat contained in nuts and seeds is healthy and safe. The protein and fiber in them are other boons for losing weight.

It is found that regularly eating varieties of nuts and seeds as part of a balanced diet has manifold health benefits.

A few nuts a day are more than sufficient. Make sure not to overeat them, as they are delicious, or you will consume a massive amount of calories.

Among the seeds, chia seed is very nutritious, perhaps the most nutritious among all seeds and nuts.

Chia seed is a low-carb food that contains a lot of fiber.

When it comes in contact with water, the fiber in chia seeds turns into a gel-like layer in the stomach that will significantly block the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar by the body.

The fiber content in chia seeds will also keep you full and provide satisfaction very quickly.

Chia seeds could undoubtedly be used as good food supplements for weight loss.

8. Coconut And Olive Oils

Most cooking oils are harmful to weight loss as they have a lot of concentrated fat.

Among all the oils, coconut and olive oils can be included in the list of good foods for weight loss. Coconut oil is 100% fat, 80–90% of which is medium-chain saturated fat.

Coconut oil has two important qualities that are good for shedding body weight. The fatty acids in this oil very quickly boost satiety and help accelerate the burning of calories.

As per the results of a couple of studies conducted, it is noted that people who consume coconut oil could substantially trim their belly fat.

Because coconut oil contains a significant amount of calories, it is not recommended that it be used in place of other oils and calories already present in your diet.

The best thing is to replace other cooking oils with coconut oils.

Extra virgin olive oil is the other best oil you can choose as part of a fat-loss diet.

This oil has properties similar to coconut oil and additional health benefits.

9. Soups

Soups are one of the useful foods for those trying to lose weight.

Soups typically contain lots of vegetables, fruits, and water with few calories.

As for losing weight, studies have shown that eating soup makes you feel fuller, so you eat fewer calories.

It is a good idea to have a mug of vegetable soup as a starter before the meal’s main course. This will undoubtedly leave less room in the stomach for other foods and, in the end, no room for desserts.

Is there a better way to naturally restrict your food intake?

If you make ‘soup’ a must-have regular item in your daily diet, soon you will see the magical weight loss happening to you.

Effective Fat Burning Foods

10. Good Carbohydrates (Whole Grains And Potatoes)

Good carb sources are whole grains and tubers; they help you lose weight. Whereas, carbs from processed foods are your worst enemy.

It is essential to choose non-gluten whole grains because they have an excellent mixture of fiber, carbohydrates, and protein.

The best weight-loss whole grains are quinoa, brown rice, and oats.

Brown rice mainly contains resistant starch, which is similar to dietary fiber. For this reason, whole grain rice taken in a balanced amount will not cause weight gain issues.

However, refined whole grains, usually used in junk foods, are not healthy as they are highly processed, and most of the fiber content gets lost in this process.

The whole-grain diet needs to be included in your diet plan only if you are engaged in activities that burn many calories. Otherwise, it is preferable to eliminate all grains from your diet.

Another healthy carbohydrate source is everyone’s favorite, potatoes.

Potatoes are highly valued not only for their carbohydrate content but also for several other nutrients in them. It is a superfood for weight loss and better health.

It is said that a person can survive on potatoes and water alone for an extended period.

Research reports released by the National Center for Food Safety and Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology in October 2010 said daily consumption of potatoes does not lead to weight gain when taken as part of a balanced diet.

This superfood is an excellent natural source of potassium, sodium, vitamin C, and antioxidants. There are no fats in it.

One of the most prominent weight-loss advantages of potatoes is their ability to make us feel satiated quickly. Boiled white potatoes, in particular, are excellent weight-loss foods.

Other good carbohydrate sources are other root vegetables and turnips.

11. Capsaicin Spice Diets

Including a good bit of chili and cinnamon in your diet is an incredibly useful fat-burning food.

They make the food tasty and supply the body with a weight-loss supplement called “capsaicin.”

People know capsaicin makes you feel less hungry and speeds up fat burning at the cellular level.

Some studies have shown the promising effects of capsaicin in achieving weight loss results.

You can notice that most of the popular weight loss supplements out there have this substance as an important ingredient.

12. Healthy Dairy Foods

The high-quality protein content in dairy products makes them nutrient-dense foods.

Cottage cheese is one of the best dairy products and must always be part of your weight loss plan. It’s a fresh cheese curd product with a mild flavor.

It contains a lot of protein and very little fat and carbohydrate.

This great food ranks high on the satiety index, and it will make you feel full without needing a lot of calorie intake.

Your body also gets calcium, potassium, sodium, and other essential vitamins from dairy products.

Another excellent dairy food is Greek yogurt.

The probiotic bacteria in yogurt help with digestion and improve the healthy functioning of the gut as a whole.

A healthy gut is good for preventing inflammation and leptin resistance.

One thing that one must remember is to choose only full-fat dairy products, as they are proven to be good for fighting type-2 diabetes and reducing the chances of obesity.

All-natural dairy products are beneficial, but cottage cheese and yogurt are the most effective weight-loss foods.

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