How To Cover Up Alcohol Breath?

It is embarrassing to have stinking alcohol breath. It is also equally annoying for others to bear up with your alcohol breath scent.

If you have to go to an event you may want to cover up the smell of the booze. There are a few simple solutions that can help you get rid of the smell of alcohol.

The burn-off rate for alcohol is about 0.015 grams per hour. Using that rate, if you have a 0.16 breath alcohol content (BAC), it would take roughly 10 hours for the alcohol to metabolize out of your body.

Can you fully cover up alcohol breath? You really can’t! If alcohol is in your blood, it will be excreted out of your lungs.

There is no way to completely cover up the smell of alcohol but only lessen them to some extent.

Traditionally followed ways to prevent the smell of alcohol include:

  1. Eating or drinking certain substances
  2. Refreshing and Cleaning up yourself
  3. Taking precautions to avoid booze breath

Let us now see these methods in detail to learn how you can cover up alcohol breath.

1. Foods And Drinks That Cover Up Alcohol Breath

Some of the common foods and drinks with strong scents may conceal the smell of alcohol for some time. Some of the popular options are:

Garlic and Onion

Chewing a few grams of garlic or onion at regular intervals will suppress the smell of other foods, alcoholic drinks, and smoking. Strong scents of the onion or garlic overshadow the smell of the alcohol.

Eating and Drinking Before and After

Eat foods and drink water before and while you have the alcohol. Dehydration increases the foul smell of the liquor from your body.  Food absorbs alcohol and produces more saliva. It is good to have nuts, popcorns, chips, or meat while you have the alcohol. Hydrating your body well after the drinks is very important.

Chew Gum or Mouth Fresheners

Chewing gum and mouth fresheners help to salivate your mouth. This helps to reduce alcohol breath. Sour flavored chewing gum or mouth freshener with mint is best for excess production of saliva. Of course, they do not cover the smell of the booze entirely. Because blood vessels in the lungs continue to leech alcohol into the air you breathe out.

Drink water, coffee, or juice

Alcohol breath gets reduced by drinking a lot of water, coffee, or juices frequently. They help to hydrate the body and promote salivation. They also increase urination leading to faster expulsion of alcohol from your body. The strong smell of coffee can also cover up the odor of alcohol for some time.

2. Refreshing and Cleaning Up To Cover Up Alcohol Breath

Alcohol smell emanates from your body not only from breath but also from perspiration and pores on the skin. Residues of food particles and saliva deposits in your mouth and teeth gaps also give out the smell.

Let us look at ways you can clean up yourself to keep the booze smell at bay.

Brush Your Teeth

The saliva and food particles in your mouth can retain the smell of alcohol after you have had the drink.  Brushing your teeth helps to scrub out such deposits. It is nice to use strong-smelling toothpaste that contains menthol.  This not only reduces the alcohol smell but also keeps your teeth free of dangerous bacteria. It is also important to clean your tongue and the roof of your mouth.


After ingesting alcohol, food particles diluted with alcohol stay lodged in between teeth. This makes your mouth have an alcohol smell. So, it is necessary to floss your teeth.

Mouth Wash

Mouth wash helps to freshen up the mouth and eliminate bacteria. Gargling or rinsing with mouth wash eliminates bad breath and covers up alcohol breath. Gargle with mouth wash for 30 seconds and then spit it out into the sink and then rinse with water.

Breath Perfume

Mouth sprays or herbal chew may help to perfume away foul smells from your mouth. Good herbal mouth fresheners are fennel seeds, green cardamom, roasted coriander seeds, rose-petal marmalade, mint leaves, and betel leaf. Over-the-counter herbal mouth sprays may help in getting rid of alcohol breath.

Shower Bath

Besides breath, the smell of alcohol also emerges from the pores of your skin and perspiration. It is good to have a cleansing shower to get rid of alcohol body odor. Use strong-smelling soaps, shampoos, and conditioners to reduce the smell of alcohol. After the shower, you may use an antiperspirant body powder or spray to stop sweating.

3. Precautionary Steps To Avoid Alcohol Breath

There is no disagreement on the fact that prevention is better than cure. If you wish to enjoy an alcoholic drink and yet want to be free of its foul smell, then take the necessary precautions before the drink.

Drink Liquors without Strong Scents

If you wish to drink and yet avoid the smell of the booze, then drink only neutral-smelling booze like vodka or herbal digestif. They do not produce foul odors as whiskey or rum does.

Avoid Over Drinking

Binge drinking increases the alcohol scent in your breath. Drink moderately in small shots. Do not drink to get drunk and inebriated.

Don’t Mix Drinks

All drinks are not the same in smell and their effect on the body. The alcohol odor can get worse when you have drunk a mix of different drinks like beer, whiskey, rum, and others. If you stick to one type of alcohol then the scent of alcohol will be less in your breath.

Increase the Metabolization

You can expedite the metabolization process of alcohol in your body. The faster the alcohol goes out of the system; the sooner your breath will be free of booze smell. After the drink hydrate your body, eat green leafy vegetables and fruits and hit the gym.

The Bottom Line

Honestly speaking, there is no way to completely cover up the alcohol smell.

If someone is bothered by your booze breath smell, just apologize to him and move on. You needn’t be panicky of a little bit of alcohol smell; after all, you are an adult.

What is important is drinking moderately and avoiding strong-scented alcohol.  Do not drink to get drunk lest you don’t give a chance to act like a buffoon in the crowd and cut a sorry figure of yourself.

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