Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss | Can You Rely On It?

The weight loss benefit of apple cider vinegar (ACV) is well known for centuries.

Unlike the many fad diets and supplements for rapid fat loss that comes and goes, the ACV is a proven natural supplement that will help you to lose weight gradually and steadily.

The vinegar obtained from doubly fermented apples also has several preventative and curative health benefits.

Carol Johnston, Ph.D., R.D., associate director of the nutrition program at Arizona State University, says:

When you consume small amounts of acetic acid through apple cider vinegar, it activates your metabolism to help your body use fat as a form of energy rather than storing it.

In this article, we shall have a close look at using apple cider vinegar for weight loss, its effectiveness, and the right way to use this diet for shedding pounds naturally. Here are its benefits:

Appetite Suppressor

Apple cider vinegar is a good appetite suppressor.

The research report published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2005 indicates the effectiveness of the apple cider vinegar diet in appetite suppression.

According to the above study, the participants who had bread and apple cider vinegar were less hungry in comparison to others who had only bread. The acetic acid present in ACV makes the person feel fuller and suppresses the appetite for many hours.

There is also evidence that indicates that persons who consume a tablespoon of ACV 30 minutes before meals have a lowered appetite for food and eat less during meals.

The pectin substance present in apples and ACV reduces the appetite and makes a person feel fuller with a lesser amount of food intake.  An apple contains about 1.5 grams of pectin substance.

Helps In Blood Sugar Balance

The blood sugar level has a lot to do with our appetite and eating habits that act as a decisive factor in obesity.

Sudden spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels create the urge in us to nibble at food between meals. Only when the blood sugar level is stable, we can stick to a healthy diet and eating habits.

Study reports on ACV indicated that persons who took the vinegar had lower blood glucose levels after the meals.

Studies also showed that a person who took a higher amount of ACV was able to maintain a balanced level of blood glucose even 90 minutes after the meal.

Weight Loss Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Increases The Rate Of Metabolism

Apple cider vinegar is expected to increase the rate of metabolism,

Improved metabolism leads to faster fat burning is essential for weight loss.

The organic acids and enzymes contained in apple cider vinegar are good for promoting higher levels of a healthy metabolism.

One of the studies conducted in 2009 in Japan in which acetic acid was given to rats that were fed on a diet with high fats. The result of the study showed lesser fat accumulation in rats that were fed with acetic acid.

Even though there are not many studies on this yet, it is assumed that people who consume ACV rich in acetic acid would experience improved metabolic rate and faster fat burning.

Optimizes Insulin Functioning

It is the right amount of insulin hormone production and the supply of it into the bloodstream that ensures the immediate conversion of blood sugar into energy needed by the body.

Healthy functioning of the insulin hormone not only reduces the fat storage in the body but also reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes.

The apple cider vinegar diet helps improve the production and functioning of insulin hormones. The organic acids in apple cider vinegar have a noticeable effect in keeping the blood sugar levels in balance; this also helps in minimizing the bad effects of type 2 diabetics.

Apple cider vinegar for weight loss works well by enhancing insulin efficiency and regulation in the body.

Detoxifies the Body

One of the main reasons for poor metabolism is the presence of a high amount of toxins in the body.

It is found that regular consumption of apple cider vinegar helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, especially those accumulated in the colon. This vinegar also detoxifies the liver.

In fact, most body detoxifying, drinks and tonics contain apple cider vinegar as one of the major ingredients in them.

Weight Loss Results With ACV

Several studies indicate the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for weight loss.

The enzymes and organic acids present in the ACV have a great influence on promoting healthy metabolism that reduces the fat storage in the fat cells of the body.

As we have discussed above, it helps us to eat less as it suppresses the appetite.  ACV also reduces the excess water retention in the body; it leads to the shedding of body weight due to high water retention.

Vinegar has properties that help to keep blood sugar at moderate levels even after meals. A teaspoon or two of ACV consumption before the meals is good as it would help in reducing the usage of insulin hormone for blood sugar metabolism.

The weight loss result from ACV is indeed limited, but the regular consumption of it will maintain a steady reduction in body weight.

Going by the general observation of the results presented by various studies on ACV for weight loss, daily two spoons of vinegar consumption will lead to 15 to 20 pounds of weight loss in one year period.

You cannot expect rapid weight loss results with an apple cider vinegar diet; the fat loss result will be gradual and steady over a period.

How to use it?

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss? Most people may find it hard to consume the ACV in undiluted form for its harsh taste and acidity. Most home remedies recommend diluting one or two teaspoons of ACV into a glass of water and drinking it before each meal.

For some people, it may take a longer time to get used to the ACV diet.

As you begin to use an apple cider vinegar diet for weight loss, you can start with a teaspoon amount of it for a week and then gradually increase the intake up to 2 tablespoons a day in a month.

The best weight loss result is possible when ACV is consumed about 3o minutes before the meals.

Some natural remedy practitioners recommend a tablespoon of ACV intake in empty stomachs in the morning for maximum benefits.

People with high acidity issues may find it difficult to follow this diet; in such cases, it is good to take the opinion of a doctor before starting this diet.

It is good to avoid the intake of undiluted vinegar as the strong organic acids in it may damage teeth and irritate/hurt the tender tissues in the throat and esophagus.

Note: Limit the intake of ACV one to two tablespoons (15-30 ml) per day, mixed with water.


Tips On Maximizing The Weight Loss Results

Like any other weight loss diet, you cannot expect good fat loss results with the apple cider vinegar diet without healthy diet and physical workouts along with it.

You must maintain low calories and a low-fat diet.

Let your diet contain more protein, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits as they can provide your body a healthy amount of vitamins and nutrients required for the body without too many calories and fat.

Strictly avoid all refined and processed food for better weight loss results from the ACV diet. It is also important to avoid soda and soft drinks as they are rich in calories.

Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water daily as it will not only suppress the appetite but also be important for healthy metabolism and hydration of the body.

Regular physical exercises (intense cardio exercises) are very important for burning extra calories deposits in the body.

If you do not have the time and convenience to engage in workouts at a gym, at least, take 3 miles of brisk walking or jogging three to five times a week.

You can lose, at least, 10 pounds a month with an ‘apple cider weight loss diet’ if you can follow up with proper diet and exercise as suggested above.

The Last Word: Some of the evidence from studies suggests that ACV may help to lose weight, but experts say it’s far from a magic bullet for weight loss.