Weight Loss With Adderall: Benefits, Side Effects And Risks

Weight Loss With Adderall

Abuse of Adderall for weight loss was common with some people looking for fast weight loss. However, strict warnings on the side effects of Adderall have deterred most people now from using Adderall for non-prescription purposes. You may have heard a lot about the possibility of using this prescription medicine for quick weight loss results. … Read more

Synthroid Weight Loss – Hypothyroidism Remedy With Weight Loss

synthroid weight loss

Are you looking for a medication that helps hypothyroidism with weight loss?  Then Synthroid may help you manage this thyroid disease and weight loss. A healthy balanced diet and regular exercises are key elements for losing weight. However, if you have hypothyroidism, your underactive thyroid gland can cause weight gain.   “It’s difficult for someone … Read more

Miralax Colonoscopy, Weight Loss, Dosage And Side Effects

Miralax Weight Loss

What is MiraLax? MiraLax is the brand name for the generic drug polyethylene glycol 3350.  It is a popularly used laxative to treat constipation. This laxative helps to bring water into the bowels to promote the healthy functioning of the digestive system. Water retention in the bowels makes the stool softer to relieve constipation. In … Read more

CoQ10 And Weight Loss | Benefits, Dosage And Side Effects

CoQ10 Weight Loss Facts

Obese people have been trying different ways to lose weight and remain healthy. Exercising hard and eating healthy diets is the best solution to keep your body weight under control. There are also numerous supplements and diets that can help you lose weight. Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, vitamin Q10 or simply just Q10, … Read more

Clenbuterol Weight Loss – Cycle, Dosage, Before And After

Clenbuterol Weight Loss

Exaggerated words about Clenbuterol weight loss are doing rounds in the Hollywood circles for quite some time. There have been tones of rumors, gossips and speculations about Clenbuterol pills to be the secret behind the size zero bodies of many Hollywood celebrities.   Interestingly, Clenbuterol for women is an instant hit as this diet seems … Read more

Psyllium Husk For Weight Loss | Use, Benefits, Side Effects

Psyllium Husk Weight Loss

Weight loss gurus have been going-gaga-over Psyllium husk for a couple of years. Some of the recent studies have found that viscous fiber may reduce your appetite and help weight loss. Isabgol or psyllium husk which contains high-quality viscous fiber has become a popular dietary supplement in recent times. It is interesting to have a … Read more