9 Amazing Cucumber Face Mask Recipes For Flawless Skin

cucumber face mask

Face masks with natural ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, honey or other organic products are very popular now. They help you achieve wrinkle-free, spotless and glowing skin which defies your age.  Results may not be immediate, but when regularly used they surely do give results. It is worth exploring how cucumber can benefit your skin.  … Read more

10 Proven Facial Masks With Oatmeal For Your Skin Conditions (DIY)

Oatmeal Face Mask

Oats are among the healthiest and incredibly nutritious grains on earth. They are commonly eaten at breakfast as oatmeal (porridge).   These days, a DIY facial mask with oatmeal is very popular beauty therapy.  You can find several oatmeal facial mask recipes in combination with other ingredients to treat various skin conditions. Oatmeal processed in … Read more

Best Skin Tightening Treatments And Natural Remedies

Skin Tightening

Wrinkles and loose skins are unavoidable signs of aging. According to Dr. Diana Howard at The International Dermal Institute, the main reasons for wrinkles and loose skins are: Reduction in muscle mass and skin thickness Cross-linking of collagen and elastin in the dermis Dehydration of the Stratum Corneum (SC) The other common factors that lead … Read more

Does Skin Whitening Treatments Work? Side Effects Explored

Skin Whitening

Most people have a perennial liking for the white or light skin complexion. It makes me wonder, why most of us fail to recognize that glowing dark skins are also equally beautiful and charming.  Persons with dark or tanned skin are willing to try out every possible skin lightening treatment with no botheration for their … Read more